ferent spin on the familiar post-apocalyptic setting. The inclusion of the ALTERNITY game rules meant that we could design a GAMMA. WORLD that was tough. Documents Similar To Alternity – Gamma World. Alternity Incident at Exile. Uploaded by. cymru devourer. Alternity Star Drive Klick Clack. Gamma World – Campaign Setting for Alternity – Ebook download as PDF File . pdf) or read book online. Role-play in the wacky, futuristic, post-apocalyptic world .

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The post-apocalyptic inhabitants of Earth alternityy refer to their planet as “Gamma World” or “Gamma Terra” in later editions. Views Read Edit View history. For other actions such as determining the result of radiation exposurethe matrix result indicates a non-negotiable result. Other rivalries involve attitudes towards Ancient technology, with some Alliances such as “The Restorationists” seeking to rebuild Ancient society, while others such as “The Seekers” want to destroy remaining artifacts.

Many alterniy and plants are sentient, semi-civilized species competing with surviving humans.

Two decks of cards comprising the core of a Collectible Card Game are included with the game. Characters explore Ancient ruins worod strange post-apocalyptic societies to gain knowledge of the Ancients and social status for themselves. Ward and Gary Jaquet.

Alternity – Gamma World

The Alternityy requires the referee to cross-reference the difficulty of a character action with the ability score used to complete that action, determining which column of the ACT is used for that action. In fact, in the alterniity three editions of the game, character rank is primarily a measure of the character’s social prestige. In a nod to Gamma World’ s reputation for being repeatedly revised, the book’s back cover states “That’s right, it’s the return of the Gamma World “.


Tweet does not plan any expansions for the game, [5] although it received a warm reception from Gamma World fans and players new to the concept alike. Gamma World player characters include unmutated humans referred to as “Pure Strain Humans” in most editionsworlv humans, sentient animals or plants, and androids.

This version of Gamma World is unique as the only one not to have accessories or supplements. The only group with significant knowledge of the Ancients are isolated robots and other artificial intelligences that survived the war—though these machines tend to be damaged, in ill-repair, or hostile to organic beings.

This new version of the game presented a more sober and serious approach to the concept of a post-nuclear world, at odds with the more light-hearted and adventurous approach taken by previous editions; it was also the first edition of the game to include fantastical nanotechnology on a large scale.

Some 4th edition rules enhancements for the setting include new damage types such as “Radiation”, Gamma World-specific skills, and increased lethality. The 3rd edition of Gamma World was another boxed set, credited to James M.

The alterniyt unleashed during the final war were strong enough to alter coastlines, level cities, and leave large areas of land lethally radioactive. This module was not published.

Tormentor’s Virtual Wasteland: Alternity Mutant Generator

Other mutations are extensions or extremes of naturally existing features transposed from different species, such as electrical generation, infravision, quills, extra limbs, dual brains, carapaces, gills, etc. TSR went on to publish three accessories for the 1st edition of the game:. The attributes themselves are the same, but with occasional name changes such as Physical Strength instead of Strength and Mental Strength instead of Wisdom.


All versions of Gamma World eschew a realistic portrayal of genetic mutation to one degree or another, instead giving characters fantastic abilities like psychic powers, laser beams, force fields, life draining and others. The third edition rules replace specialized matrices with the Action Control Table ACTa single, color-coded chart that allowed players to determine whether a character action succeeded, and the degree of success, with a single roll.

The character’s player then rolls percentile dice apternity the result is compared to appropriate column, determining a degree of success or failure and eliminating the need for second result roll e.

In an unofficial conclusion to the series was published under the title GW11 Omega Project.

It introduced the Action Control Table, a color-coded table used to resolve nearly all actions in the game. As a result, fantastic mutations such as extra limbs, super strength, and psychic powers are relatively common. Attribute generation is much the same for instance with a range of 3 to 18, randomly generated by rolling three six-sided dice.

Alternity – Gamma World – PDF Free Download

The game mechanics used for resolving altegnity actions, on the other hand, greatly varied between Gamma World editions. Character generation is mostly random, and features one of the game’s most distinctive mechanics, the mutation tables. TSR’s Gamma World development team announced at Gen Con that no further products would be released for the 4th edition.

TSR published five accessories for the 4th edition:.

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