But the crowning glory of Anubhava Mantapa was Allama Prabhu, the great sage for his allegoric vachanas, known as “beDagina vachana” in Kannada. In this vachana, Allama Prabhu mocks the mere mortals who are subdued by the.

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More than half of the poems dwell on the later phase sthala in the life of a saint, most are about union with god and of realization aikyapoems — Allama was said to have been a temple drummer when he fell in love with a beautiful young woman.

Its philosophy and practice is presented in the Panchacarasfive codes of conduct, and the Shatsthalasix phases or steps toward unity with Shiva. Its philosophy and practice is presented in the Panchacarasfive codes of conduct, and the Shatsthalasix phases or steps toward unity with Shiva. In the farm of my body, with mind as my pickaxe, digging into the farm; I removed the roots of my delusion Breaking the dirt and rocks in my mundane farm, I sowed the seeds of divinity.

The quality of the work is considered very high. He came from a family of temple performers, was himself an expert at playing the a type of drum called maddaleand his father was a dance teacher. Later, translations were made into Sanskrit and Marathi languages. Nagaraj notes that Allama Prabhu was not a bhakti poet. They were happily married until the sickness and early death of his wife.

Nevertheless, Allama’s philosophy is described as monism and also as non-dualism “advaita”. His vachanas, pregnant with mystic experience and wisdom as they are, are riddle – like.

Encyclopedia of Literature – Vol I. Contents Allama prabhu muraleedhara upadhya Biography Poems Virasaiva and the vachanakaras Social concerns Philosophy and religiosity Writings on Allama Prabhu References Allama Prabhu used poetry, now part of Vachana Sahitya literature, to criticise rituals and social conventions, to breakdown social barriers and to emphasize moral values and devotional worship of Shiva.


Allama advises Shivayogi Siddharama kannads was constructing a huge lake at Kannsda Sonnalagi at that time, to instead build the lake of spirituality and fill it with the waters of bliss. Allama Prabhu spread his message with songs, playing a lyre as he wandered from place to place.

If the mountain feels cold, what will they cover it with? To be happy, one has to ask for less and simply look within oneself, which is perhaps too simple for us to understand. In the Kritayuga If the guru beat and taught wisdom to the pupil I said it was great grace. According to Harihara’s biography of Allama, the earliest account of the saint’s life, he was a temple drummer in modern Shivamogga district, Karnataka state, India.

Allama Prabhu Vachanas

In the words of the scholar Ramanujan, to a saint like Allama, “the butterfly has no memory of the caterpillar”. Love and compassion are key ingredients in practicing spirituality. I kamnada the fragrance fleeing, when the bee came, What a wonder! Dasgupta and Mohanta also note that Buddhism and Shankara’s Advaita Vedanta are not opposing systems, but “different phases of development of the same non-dualistic metaphysics from the Upanishadic period to the time of Sankara.

In the words of the scholar Ramanujan, to a saint like Allama, “the butterfly has no allamaa of the caterpillar”. And yet they meet.

The tiger-headed deer, the deer-headed tiger, Joined at the waist. Guheshwara accepted this as prasada! And his father was a dance teacher. However, all his poems are non-sectarian and some of them even use straight forward language. Sharana names H, K. Allama is implying that in the above vachana, when he says he removed the roots of delusion by digging into the farm, using mind as his pickaxe.


Allama died in Kadalivana near Srishila Ib Pradeshand legend has it that he “became one with the linga “. Below are some of the vachanas: His wisdom is reflected in his poems—only a small portion of which are on the devotee aspect bhaktapoems kanada Allama fell in love with a beautiful dancer called Kamalathe. He chided him by saying, ‘you who presume to place Him before you and converse with Him, do not have any understanding of Him!


Kannada Madhura Geetegalu: Honnu Mayeyembaru-Allama Prabhu Vachana

He de-emphasized the need to perfect difficult feats of Yoga and emphasized overcoming prabhuu boundaries between relative and absolute knowledge, between devotee and guru teacher. Yedemathada Nagidevayyagala Punyastree Masanamma.

Encyclopaedia of Indian literature – vol1. Prabhi those who can cut through the chilling waters called samsara, sensual pleasures, can enjoy the abidance in themselves, he says. Retrieved from ” https: With proper intellect and will power, the negative emotions can be removed or replaced with positive emotions such as love and devotion.

Standing at the brink, they know not how to enter the honey well Only he who crosses the chilling oceans drinks the elixir! These poems are known to cover an entire range, from devotion to final union with God.

Allama Prabhu married a dancer named Kamalathe, but she died prematurely. By hard penance under parbhu guidance of Animisha Allamaprabhu became a great Sivayogi. Some vachanas are extant.