Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Since she received her “happily-ever-after” rocking chair as a All I Ever Wanted (Hqn) – Kindle edition by Kristan Higgins. It may sound trite, but when I read All I Ever Wanted, I laughed. I cried. Kristan Higgins has a gift for creating realistic, relatable heroines. What happens when you get all you ever dreamed of and find it’s not what you wanted?Callie Grey has got a great job, All I Ever Wanted. Kristan Higgins.

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May 16, L. Oct 26, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: We hear about their history more than once, and about the one time they got together. The characters are interesting, and parts of it will make you laugh out loud. I don’t like politics a,l my romance novels.

I was laughing out loud when her mom decides to throw her a alo birthday bash in the family funeral home. Kristan Higgins writes about the chair and what it symbolises to Callie so wonderfully, that the reader is transported to another dimension.

Having the same every day problems we do. This book reminded me why that young lady I once was fell in love with the genre in the first place. Her feelings wanred man, almost she has loved all her life and then to meeting another man, processing their relationship, her life with her grandfather, divorced parents, cute nieces, strange sister and genious brother. Feb 14, Tammy Walton Grant rated it really liked it Shelves: Callie just turned thirty, and she was coming to terms that maybe her boss Mark wasn’t going to fall for her, especially after he announced that he was dating the newest addition to their small advertising company.


Ian believes that Callie is still in love with Mark and that puts the kibosh on their huggins for the night. The way he did it, so typical of his personality. I totally adore Ian when he declared his love for Callie. Bad goes to worse when she stirs up a crazy relationship with the town’s everr so warm and fuzzy veterinarian, Ian McFarland, in order to flag Mark’s attention.

From early on in this book, I guessed what would happen and my ideas were all pretty much spot-on.

It almost threw me out of the book more than once. Freddie, my brother, who was taking a year off from Tufts University, where he seemed to be majoring in skipping classes and drinking. View all 3 comments.

A kind and big hearted woman who never gave up on love and tries her best to make the best of everything and everyone around her. I really wanted to hop inside Ian’s head and read his mind. He totally makes this book. I heard not the voice of the performer, but the voice of each individual person as it breathed and lived.

I love watching their feelings evolve from hate to friendship and at last to love. She lives with her cranky, adorable grandfather, Noah, and is in love with her childhood crush, Mark. So I started flipping through it, went back and read a couple of sentences from where I left off; I finished it after two hours.

We are not able to ship orders to more than one address at the same time. But Mark may want her back. See 1 question about All I Ever Wanted…. After a brief fling, Mark dumps Callie, telling her the timing is not right for a relationship.

Overall book rating

Then I m All I ever wanted — at least, at that particular time — was a nice, fluffy kristam to sink my teeth into. As if he was having a hard time expressing and showing his love. Her interactions with her insane-with-a-capital-I family are hysterical. The main plot is around, in my opinion, yiggins points: Callie Grey has a great job in advertising, the only problem is, she’s still in love with her boss, Mark.


All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins – Book Thingo

That kind of ruined it for me. Ian MacFarland is a great vet but his bedside manner is too cold for their small Vermont town. Again, this book was wonderful and I absolutely loved it. Instead it was sort of insulting. If you’re going to have a main character with silly antics, at least go full force with them. So snap out of it. Quirky family drama that often includes m It’s been said that Shakespeare only wrote one comedy, then wrote 15 or 16 variations on the theme.

Aug 29, Angelc rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the story of Callie Grey, a year-old creative director for a small advertising agency that just so happens to be rkistan by evee long-time crush. Also, although we still don’t know exactly what’s going on inside Ian’s krkstan, we get a better view than we ever did inside Malone’s.

Definitely a slow-cooker romance. Unfortunately, eligible bachelors are few and far between in tiny Georgebury, Vermont.