This is very simple dynamic processor from Alesis company. It has only three controls -input(also a compression amount control),release,and In , Alesis Studio Electronics, and associates put on the market a range of effects and processors numriques, called MICRO SERIES. The Alesis MICRO LIMITER is a true stereo in/stereo out compressor/limiter which is used for automatic gain riding, peak limiting, and special effects on both live.

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Alesis Micro Limiter

The units all have the same basic appearance, three rotary potentiometers and an effects bypass switch. This should not cast the RCL in an unfavourable light.

I reserved my judgement of the third addition to the Alesis Micro range until last. The release deuxime potentiomtre, middle Determines the time taken by the compressor to recover the original gain in the threshold-dea.

As with all early attempts at polyphony, my string synthesizer was based on simple electronic organ technology and involved alesjs enormous number of connections in a wiring ‘loom’. Are they the Accessit range of the Eighties? Finally the output right will catch the loss level, due to compression, and a db can trs bad! I liked the stereo option a lot, it simplified the treatments a great deal.

I tested the Micro Enhancer on a number of sources: Certainly, there was a change; not a great change but a very subtle one. It’s just that, to my ears, the Alesis units sounded cleaner and were stereo rather than mono.


Pimiter by David Hughes. Today, Alesis has released a similar range, from 14 modules composs plastic alesiz euros: Not satisfied with those reviews? What can I say? Request a new review. As for the manual in French, it is trspdagogique, trsdtaill real physics course! They really are good quality and excellent value.

To compare the Alesis gate with the Boss equivalent, I used an old string synthesizer which I custom built in my University days. At a time when I’m attempting to cut down on the number of leads that invariably get too muddled to sort out properly, having three extra leads dangling in mifro way is no joke.

However, if money is a problem, I would find it very hard to recommend the Micro Enhancer.

Alesis Micro Effects (SOS Mar 88)

But nothing really tangible that you could say ‘Yes, there’s definitely a psychoacoustic enhancer in there. I would have thought that silent, electronic switching would be essential on an effects unit which purports to be ‘studio quality’. Mivro using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. There was an improvement in the degree of bass resolution and a general improvement in high frequency definition. Did you find this review helpful? Also, since each box is powered from its own external transformer, if you’re using all three devices as I was for the purpose of this review, then you’ve got to have another three mains sockets to plug them into, which is mmicro tiresome if your studio already has a serious wiring problem.


However, where the Alesis unit really shone was in the fact that it is a stereo unit and this meant that I could treat both left and right outputs of the instrument from the same box and maintain channel separation. This method of controlling the noise gate worked very well.

All user reviews for the Alesis MICRO LIMITER

Both units proved to be extremely easy to use and their effect on the recording process more than justified the small sum spent on either unit. Sadly, the Boss gate is strictly monaural.

Both the Boss and Alesis devices proved to be extremely useful in this application and the string synth was, in fact, almost usable again.

Beehiving is always present, it’s just that it tends to stand out more when the instrument is supposed to be silent, ie. I hope Alesis rectify the problem before the devices get into bulk production.

The effect is visualized by 8 LED green, yellow and red for both dernires to signify saturation. The control functions are as follows: It just doesn’t do enough to justify the expense.

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