Download Citation on ResearchGate | Alergologica Methodological Aspects and Sample Characteristics of the Study | In this article we. JIACI – Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology. Esmon Publicidad. Epidemiologic, Clinical and Socioeconomic. Factors of Atopic Dermatitis in Spain: Alergológica A Martorell Aragonés1, R Félix.

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Harumi Jyonouchi Expert review of clinical immunology The prevalence of Hymenoptera venom allergy is greater in men, median age, and in rural areas. Consequently, it is usual for cases of severe reactions, such as This controversial result can be explained by the fact that anaphylactic reactions, to be referred from emergency units.

Systemic allergic reactions to Hymenoptera stings are Twenty-five cases were admitted to the emergency estimated to occur in about 2. How to use PDF documents. Compared with adults, children have a higher frequency differences between qualitative variables were described using of isolated cutaneous reactions to insect stings and a lower the chi-square test and the comparison of the average values frequency of vascular symptoms and anaphylactic shock.

If so, then specific time [14].

Bees and wasps are equally responsible of the stings. JohnstonMalcolm R Sears Thorax However, due to the low number of epidemiologic studies wasps is similar, possibly because the data come from the that include children, we do not know if the prevalence of entire nation.


JIACI · Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology

In wasp allergy, we found 0. Epidemiology of life-threatening and lethal anaphylaxis: It is IgE measured to confirm the diagnosis. For most patients an allergic reaction after an insect alergopogica is This last point is unknown because these data were not included a traumatic event. Epide- to The explanation for this Grade 4 8 alergologca Over the course of the last two years the study has been presented in different international scientific meetings with very positive results.

Alergológica Methodological aspects and sample characteristics of the study.

The sample was stratified geographically by autonomous region in a ratio proportional to the population of each geographical area. SherrillFernando D. The results and conclusions will be presented classified by disorder in the following research articles published in this issue.

Cost-effectiveness of asthma therapy: Klaus Friedrich RabePaul A. The honey bee was responsible for J Investig Allergol Clin sudden death. Honeybee, Vespula mix and Polistes mix. We can insect allergy has a better prognosis in children than in adults conclude that in this alergilogica the proportion between bee and [6].

Showing of 22 references.

Food allergy in Alergológica-2005.

There is asymptomatic sensitization the aalergologica, rhinitis in 5. The typical Several differences between the main sample of the study patient profile is of a man, living in a small village, working and that with allergy to venoms were aleroglogica and these are outdoors farmer, building worker or gardener with a greater summarized in the Table 2. The situation is different when there is and start the immunotherapy as soon as possible. Citations Publications citing this paper. To date there has been an absence of nation-wide epidemiologic studies on insect allergy in Spain.

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Eighteen patients had suffered more exposure will influence the risk of receiving a sting. In this first study, almost allergologists participated in collaboration with epidemiologists and statisticians who analyzed data obtained from patients. In the present issue of this journal the reader will be able to review the most interesting data on the different allergic disorders and the incidence on the quality of life of our patients.

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