Berlin () 1 10 HOEFER, F.: Histoire de la chimie. Paris () () 4 (ALBERTUs MAGNUs: Compositum de compositis). SZABADVARY, F. Livre de la clémence, CMA, 2. R. Bacon, Speculum alchimiae, §6; cf. Albertus Magnus (Compositum de compositis, §5): “Whiten ye the black earth before. ALBERTI—ALBERTUS 15 Albertus Magnus de Secretis Mulierum Item De Virtutibus Herbarum Lapidum Engraved title-page. Liter Aggregationi: from to ; De mimbilibu: Mundi from p. to p. Compositum de Compositis.

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Though Theatrum Chemicum remains the most comprehensive single body of work on alchemy, future publications would emulate Zetzner’s attempt to gather alchemical works into a single reference source. However, because the Theatrum Chemicum was more widely disseminated in comparison to most alchemical texts of the era, and its text was in the universal Latin used by most scholars of the time, Zetzner is often cited as the author of many early alchemical texts which he in fact did not compose.

Theatrum chemicum

It is sad that it has taken so long to make it available in English. The reprinted editions are almost identical, though there are differences in details, such as page number, formatting, and minor rewording not affecting content. Science and Culture in the Holy Roman Empire.

Scriptum probi, et non male docti viri, cujus nomen excidit, elixir solis Theophrasti Paracelsi tractans Tabula Coelum philosophicum Auriga chemicus, sive Theosophiae palmarium De occulta philosophia epistola cuiusdam patris ad filium” Paucula dicta sapientum. Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons.

Theatrum chemicum – Wikipedia

The first three volumes of Theatrum Chemicum were published in An alchimia sit ars legitima Thomas Mufett De jure et praestantia chemicorum medicamentorum. Considering the esoteric nature of the subject matter, this was not uncommon at the time of Theatrum Chemicum’s mzgnus, but it does seem clear that Zetzner established the authorship of the various tracts according to his original source material.

La prima edizione del constava di tre volumi in-ottavo e fu stampata a Oberursel nei pressi di Francoforte [9]. This is the first of the volumes to be published by Zetzner’s heirs, most likely Eberhardi Zetzner, though the text still bears Lazarus Zetzner’s name. Over the course of the six volumes of Theatrum ChemicumZetzner expanded the collection to include over alchemical tracts. Perna intended to include the collection of his son-in-law, Konrad Waldkirchin an even larger multi-volume series, but instead sold the collection to Lazarus Zetzner.

Upon Petreius’s death his collection came into the possession of his relative, Heinrich Petri of Basel who published it in cooperation with Pietro Perna and Guglielmo Gratarolo in Theatrum Chemicum developed as an evolution of previous alchemical printing projects dating back as early aswhen a handful of writings believed to have been written by Geber or pseudo-Geber were printed with attached alchemical poems and circulated in the area of Veniceand then a decade later in Rome.


Essays on Newton and the History of the exact sciences”. Zetzneri Eredi di Lazare Zetzner Lectori candido Introduzione al lettore candido Turba philosophorumex antiquo manuscripto codice excerpta, qualis nulla hactenus visa est editio In turbam philosophorum sermo unus anonymi Alanus Allegoriae sapientum supra librum Turbae: Dilucida et compendiosa explicatio Anonymus Canones seu regulae decem, de lapide philosophico Divi Leschi Genus Amo pseudonimo e anagramma compoditis Michael Sendivogius Duodecim tractatus de lapide philosophorum Dodici trattati sulla pietra filosofalecon un’epigramma di Johann Heinrich Alsted Aenigma philosophorum Parabola seu aenigma philosophorum, coronidis et albdrtus loco adjunctum Dialogus Mercurii, alchymistae, et naturae de lapide philosophorum M.

Albertus Magnus and the Sciences (Studies and Texts) – PDF Free Download

Ex Petri Apiani Antiquitatibus desumpta Johannes Chrysippus Fanianus De arte metallicae metamorphoseos ad Philoponum De jure artis alchemiae, hoc est, variorum authorum, et praesertim iurisconsultorum, judicia et responsa ad quaestionem quotidianam: Petreius had been collecting alchemical documents with the intention of publishing a more complete compilation, though he never completed this task.

The volumes are in actuality a collection of previously published and unpublished alchemical treatises, essays, poems, notes, and writings from various sources, comositum of which are attributed to known writers and others remain anonymous. The final volume of Theatrum Chemicum was published in in Strasbourg. Penotus Bernard Gilles Penot Quaestiones et responsiones philosophicae Ed seu canones philosophici LVII Mercurii, sive argenti vivi ex auro vera extractio cum sua historia Chrysorrhoas sive de arte chemica dialogus De lapide philosophorum secundum verum modum formando Thesaurus philosophiae Raymundus Lullus pseudo-Raimondo Lullo Praxis universalis compisitum operis Odomar Practica magistri Odomari ad discipulum Historia antiqua de argento in aurum verso Tractatus de marchasita, ex qua tandem cum aliis dicendis fit elixir ad album verissimum De arsenico Praeparatio salis armoniaci secundum Rasim.

De ortu et metallorum composiyis, supra quam Spagyricus radicalia principia fundet Isaac Hollandus Isaac Hollandus Fragmentum de lapide philosophorum frammen sulla pietra filosofale Bernardus G.

Jean Chartier, see Theatrum Chemicum Electronicum citation. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso magnuus effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra. Even after years it still speaks freshly and eloquently of the mystery of alchemy. Alberrus more directly related ancestor of Theatrum Chemicum was a publication by Johannes Petreius entitled ” De Alchemia “, a work which contained cmopositum alchemical tracts, which was published in Nuremberg in Cambridge University Press published Lazare Zetzner fu editore e stampatore esperto in testi rari e curiosi a Strasburgo dal alla sua morte, avvenuta nel Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia.

The two works are related by subject, but are different in content. The better known of these are his Book of Mineralsthe Semita Recta the direct waythe Alkimia minor and the short work, the Compositum de compositistranslated here by Luc Villeneuve from a French version of the text.


Then inJean-Jacques Manget produced in Geneva the second most comprehensive collection of alchemical tracts in his Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa which represents a total of almost tracts, of which 35 had already been included in Theatrum Chemicum.

Though Petri would continue to publish alchemical works, it was his partner Perna who in published an entire series of expanded publications totaling seven volumes with over 80 texts. In altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Scritta in latinola lingua della sapienza europea dell’epoca e pubblicata per la prima volta a Strasburgo nel dall’editore e stampatore Lazare Zetzner in tre volumi, composium la considerevole dimensione di sei volumi contenenti oltre duecento trattati nella sua ultima edizione del – De lapide philosophorum Avicenna Avicenna Ad Hasen regem epistola abertus re recta Declaratio lapidis physici filio suo Aboali De congelatione et conglutinatione lapidum Guilhelmus Tecenensis Liber lilium tanquam de spinis evulsum Il fiore del giglio tra le spine Joannes Dumbeler John Dombelay Practica vera alkimica per magistrum Ortholanum Parisiis probata et experta sub anno domini Anonymus, Lumen juvenis experti novum Magister Valentinus Opus praeclarum ad utrumque magistri Valentini expertissimi.

Lucernae salis et Sudi philosophici authoris, et mysterii hermetici possessoris Invisibilia Dei a creatura mundi per ea quae facta sunt intellectu conspiciuntur Anonymus Discipulus Guidonis Magni de Monte Philosophi Graeci, Tractatulus, seu descriptio philosophici Adrop.

A Biography of Isaac NewtonFlammarion, coll. Penotus Bernard Gilles Penot Tractatus varii, de vera praeparatione et usu medicamentorum chemicorum Bernardus Trevisanus Bernardo Trevisano De alchemia liber De chymico miraculo Dionysius Zacharias Denis Zachaire Opusculum philosophiae naturalis metallorum Annotata quaedam ex Nicolao Flamello Summarium philosophicum Annotazioni del Sommaire Philosophique attribuite ckmpositis Nicolas Flamel Aliae quaedam annotationes ex variis autoribus Collectanea quaedam ex antiquis scriptoribus Collectanea ex Democrito; ex multorum opinionibus autorum.

Digital Library of Wielkopolska. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia albeertus. It deserves recognition as one of the key foundation works of European alchemy. Whether this was written by Albertus Magnus or some other now unknown writer, the book presents such an exciting and clear account of the nature of alchemy, that one can see people, centuries later, poring over its pages trying to tease out and work the process shown here in all its practical ds. Come Johann Petreius mezzo secolo prima, egli fece appello agli alchimisti di inviargli i loro testi [15].

Ex Theophrasto redivivo Michaelis Pezelii circa finem Sententia aut compositio litis spiritus et judicis Mercurii. The final two volumes were compostis posthumously by Zetzner’s heirs, who continued to use his name for publication purposes. Establishing a precise table of contents for the various volumes of Theatrum Chemicum is an issue of debate amongst scholars.

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