Pacific Opera Victoria Study Guide for Albert Herring. 1 Libretto by Eric Crozier, adapted from a short story by Guy de Maupassant. Read the libretto of the English opera Albert Herring by Benjamin Britten on With links to other information and other operas. Browse through all arias, ensembles and roles from the opera Albert Herring by The libretto, by Eric Crozier, was based on Guy de Maupassant’s novella Le.

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Thank goodness you’ve come! Pause while he sips from the glass. Mittens for Mr Pilgrim Oxford University Press, MUM Twenty-five pounds all of his own! Seated upon my right is Herriing Herring In the street, Sid keeps a date with Nancy, and the two discuss their sympathetic pity for Albert before going off together. He throws Harry out of the door.

Albert Herring Libretto

After a few moments, a white shape looms past the window, and there is a fumbling with the latch of the door. Go up to bed. Albert comes back into the shop. Returning thanks for gifts received, before the feast’s begun? I’m the King’s Mum. MUM screaming My Albert’s wreath!


Sid’s girlfriend Nancy comes in to do some shopping, and the couple shares a tender moment while Albert looks on. Among the extant 6 recordingsI’ve only heard these two. Threnody ALL In the midst of life is death. More applause as he hands Albert the savings book. ALL rising in fury and surrounding him Albert?

Fruit boxes, baskets, sacks, price-tickets, etc. It feeds on poison at the root And cankers all within.

All are horrified at his interruption and his looks. It’ll be terrible cold up there on the Common. It looks as if Lady Billows will erupt again. MUM Excuse my asking We never talked or walked Light-heartedly through the woods, Nor shall that I can see. Sounds like Sid serenading under her window, Impatient at waiting, Impatiently aching To take Nancy chasing love and adventure. SID Empty your pockets! The opera premiered on 20 June at Glyndebourneconducted by the composer.

ALL Good morning, my Lady! She crosses unexpectedly to the window and pushes it open.

Benjamin Britten, English Chamber Orchestra. Among hegring village girls, I mean. She sounds her pitch pipe. Thank you very much. Curiosity killed the cat, they say! SID You’ve just come in time, We were talking of you. Dust in the works.


Emmie and Cis dash off. It opens with a sudden ‘Ting! Applause as Albert receives the books from Miss Wordsworth. Would you care to sit down?

Albert Herring Libretto | Britten |

The girl in my mind is a treasure, you’ll find. They’re so ripe they herringg splash. Well then, get out! They’re so ripe they might splash.

Albert Herring

First in crowning a May King. Most practical girls at handicrafts The girls help Harry to climb through the door. The clock whirrs and strikes eleven. The Superintendent comes in with a harassed air and interrupts their quarrel. Bounce libreto slow Bounce me quick Bounce me to arithmetick! I’ll take a strap to you, that’s what! Albert calls through the inner door.

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