Things have not gone well for Colin and Susan since they set about seeing off encroaching forces of evil, first in Alan Garner’s The Weirdstone. Boneland has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Over 50 years ago Alan Garner wrote The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and its sequel, The Moon of Gomra . Boneland by Alan Garner. Boneland book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / Okay, this is it, the book that I have been waiting thirty.

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I am left wondering why people do not let sleeping dogs lie. Their effect upon me was bonelanc and shattering. Sue from UJ I must agree with the others. The first two garneer prentice pieces of imagery, then the externalisation of inner tension through Elidor and The Owl Service to the turmoil of Red Shift, resolving the earlier work, followed by the sublime Stone Book Quartet, leading bojeland Strandloper, Thursbitch and now Boneland —obvious, once they’re there.

And the Watcher will have to find the Woman. I liked the idea of Colin becoming an extremely clever astronomy geek; even if the story resolution seemed weak and arbitrary, I admired the ideas Garner was playing with – time, simultaneous lives crossing in mathematics and the vast distance of the universe. Return to Book Page. After just re-reading The Moon of Gomrath it was odd for Colin, an ordinary boy with good intentions, to suddenly be a much older man – incredibly smart and incredibly damaged.

Even at the time, though, I had slight reservations about them. But then he himself is a character in a book, so why do I want to know what happened to Susan?

Ive visited Alderley Edge many, many times. Once it bonfland going and I decided to drop the notion that it had anything to do with the previous books it was pretty reasonable, not my usual sort of thing, but intelligently written. He coasted past Nut Tree and New House as far as Gatley Green until he came to the bypass and the railway bridge boenland had to pedal, after two point seven eight four three kilometres of free energy; approximately.

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Boneland by Alan Garner – review

His mental state is acutely disturbed. Monday 31 December This part is sheer, unadulterated shamanic dreaming. At the radio telescope at Alderley where he works, he has heard his lost sister in the garnef, and in seeking her, seeks healing, renewal.

Paula from UK Alna was at a conference once where Alan Garner was asked about how he tested the market before writing a book.

His reply was a model of politeness, but he did reveal that every one of his novels, from Elidor to The Stone Book Quartet had been recommended for rejection by the publisher’s readers on the same grounds “that it wasn’t like the one before! I find it the darkest of all the novels, with no hope for Roland after those last depressing words just read the last paragraph aloud and you’ll noneland what I mean.

Perhaps you remember Cadellin Silverbrow, the ancient wizard, ggarner his ally the dwarf Fenodyree, or their foes the wizard Grimnir and Selina Place — the witch and shapechanger known as The Morrigan?

He visits a psychotherapist and the gradual uncovering of his past forms the main story. Boneland hooks into the mind, haunting, provoking.

But as imaginative literature reclaims the territories forbidden it by realism, and moves back from Elfland towards the outskirts of Manchester, it treads on risky ground. It has a similar feel to The Weirdstone of Brisinghamen and The Moon of Gomrath – an overcast, English feel that makes you sure it’s best read inside with a blanket when it’s cold and windy outside. It was also a great pleasure to read the passages about Jodrell Bank telescope.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Colin’s past experience has been so painful that he is unable to remember, unable to process what happened to him, but Meg draws much of it out of him through flashbacks.

Alan Garner Boneland – Finding Magic Through the Wreckage Of Time – Nerdalicious

I was utterly disappointed with this. I leave that for you to find out, but what I am waiting to discover, having read it only once, is whether the dance behind the dream is happening, and the world is changing in the way it treads.

Thank you for such an interesting post. What is it all about? Boneland is an adult sequel to the two books for children Alan Garner published in and But that’s just the start of the weirdness. And Garner has grown up too, so I appreciate his offer to share a more mature journey.

His preoccupations are admirable: You must not go upstairs. When the gods were destroyed and all wor Boneland is supposedly the long awaited finale to The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomratha third book garrner make a trilogy.

Loading comments… Trouble loading? I do feel as though I failed in reading this book rather than Garner failed in writing it.

So exciting to come across Alan Garner again! A complete change of character.

Okay, this is it, the book that I have been waiting thirty years for.

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