connected, and political theory has a religious and theological motivation. That implies “Al-Mawardi’s Theory of the Caliphate”, Sir Hamilton Gibb has pointed. Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Muhammad Ibn Habib al-Mawardi known in Latin as Alboacen ( CE), was an Islamic jurist of the Shafi’i school most remembered for his works on religion, government, the caliphate, and public and constitutional law during a time of political turmoil. the Mu’tazila school of thought, the great (orthodox) Shafi’i jurist al-Subki (d. /) start a discussion philosophically about political ethics and Muslim character First, al-Mawardi influenced by philosophical thought.

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Posted by Khushal at It is related that he did not publish any of his works in his lifetime. The apportionment of allowances and stipends from the State treasury Bait al-Mal to those who are entitled to them. Sherwani says that Al-Mawardi bases his arguments by the precedent of the choice of Abu Bakr by election and that of Usman by nomination.

Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad.

Nominated by the existing imam. When the news spread, people flocked to him from every quarter and began to question his choice. Yet they must obey him. He should not entrust his responsibility to others and engross himself in luxury or religious devotion.

Political science: Al-Mawardi

To compensate this irretrievable position he instituted the theory of absolute governorship which provided a handy instrument of self-protection to the Abbasid Caliphs against the attempt of possible adventurers who aspired to overthrow the Caliphate. Moreover, he assembled his ideas in writing; therefore his book Al-Ahkam at-Sultaniyah became a standard work mawatdi reference on political and administrative practices.

Whatever the form of the government may be, it must be upon the principle of popular representation, because mawadi sovereignty belongs to the people. A struggle began between the State and Society.


Al-Mawardi says that the existing imam can nominate more than one Imam to succeed one another in turn. Therefore, his physically fitness and sensitivity are must. Sixthly, having the knowledge of the holy Quran hadiths and fiqa.

The Mawarei of Execution: He is of the opinion that after the imam and misters, qaza is a very important branch of government. It is the responsibility of the judge to maintain neutrality between these two types of people. If there is minister having the aforesaid qualities, he will assist the ruler and will work thekry for the uplift of the people.

Shafii jurist who wrote the most significant classical theoretical explanation a, public law in relation to political theory, Al-ahkam al-sultaniyyah Ordinances of government.

This flimsy emphasis on the Qurayshite descent is a formidable hit on the claims of Fatimids. Sometimes al-Mawardi uses the documents of the Umayyad and the Abbasid periods his premises, for instance, he quotes the accession address of Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz to demonstrate the exalted ideals of the office of the Caliph.

Edinburgh Research Archive

Sl maintenance of law and order in the country to make it possible for the people to lead a peaceful life, proceed in their economic activities freely, and travel in the land without fear. The Imam should curb the strong from riding over the weak and encourage the weak to take their due in face of the strong.

The enforcement of criminal code of Holy Quran to ensure that the people do not outrage the prohibitions of God, and that the fundamental rights of men are not violated. Thank You for Your Contribution! Politkcal Imam may be addressed as the Khalifat Allahbut the majority of jurists say that this title is forbidden, for no human mawwrdi can represent God on Earth, since man is mortal and imperfect.

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His powers are equal with the imam but imam mawarci superior in the sense: The moral change is of two kinds: This method is suitable only if qualities of the voters are also assessed. He is also of the view that Imamate is not only an institution sanctified by tradition and history but can be proved to be necessary according to pure reason; for wise men entrust their affairs to a leader able to keep them from being molested and to adjudge between them in case of mutual quarrels and squabbles.



Which family or tribe is suited for this office? Retrieved from ” https: He means to say that a victorious rebel leader does not automatically become the Imam. Even today there can be evinced a great effervescence for religious revival in all the Muslim lands, but everywhere the undertone is theofy, not religious.

He is very careful in choosing only those traditions which suit his purpose. Al-Mawardi is of the mawwrdi that the office of imam established after the pouse caliphs. In spite of the untenable position in which al-Mawardi had to work, one cannot fail to thepry his effort to work out a political system essentially based on the fundamental thought and early political practice of Islam.

To al-Mawardi moral degradation secondly if he becomes interested in worldly affairs.

Chapter Al-Mawardi | A History of Muslim Philosophy Volume 1, Book 3 |

He gives example of the battle of Mutah. The Imam can nominate two or more heirs apparent to succeed him one after the other. It may be noted here that the idea of rebellion has always been most abhorrent to Muslim rulers throughout history, because after the regime of the Pious Caliphs, many a ruler denied the right of the people to participate in the affairs of the State.