For Airush has simplified their range of kites and boards, making it easier for riders to find the products best suited to them. The popular Lithium kite is back for as is the Sector directional board, which is now available in three sizes as well as a one-design version. In , Airush brings the DNA to the masses in a plug-and-play package that gets you on the water and ripping in no time! Using the platform of the highly. The Airush Razor keeps the C-kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. While maintaining these characteristics of amazing.

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Kite review Airush Lithium

Making the Airush Wave unique from others in 20013 class is the Bullet Proof Construction, ensuring stability and strength throughout the entire canopy, the Wave manages all the abuse that Mother Nature and you, the rider, can throw [ Airush has designed the Lithium for allround use. No user reviews yet.

Mark Pattison takes the kite to new areas of possibility, having spent numerous hours developing with the Airush race division. This will reduce the back line tension causing the kite to be balanced when unhooked. With these new additions tothe Smartbar 4 is a truly smart package. Never has a kite delivered the highest level of performance within the reach of intermediate riders. This also enables the kite to be steered and controllable when the kite 2031 completely depowered. Airish your user experience.


Kite review Airush Razor – Review now!

Write your own review. Share your user experience. The Wave is really versatile for any type of surf riders style. Archive The ultimate lightwind freeride kite, using the innovative One strut technology, the Lithium One 16m utilizes the weight saving concept to create a whole new Lithium 16m fordevoted to aiursh light wind conditions.

Please add the quantity as a number. This construction absorbs impact throughout the canopy, minimizes stretch and reduces the area between each stitch point, further increasing the strength of the kite.

The winds were mph in medium waves.

The Airush Razor keeps the C-kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. Contact us info kitefinder. Write your own review. InAirush brings the DNA to the masses in a plug-and-play package that gets you on the water and ripping in no time! This will allow for a lot more range or depower in the kite.

New school C-kite 5 Line High end performance Note: You can take this kite and create a 2 kite quiver, 12m and 8m or for a smaller person a 10m and 20133 6m would do it.

Review Airush Razor 2013

Featured on all the Airush Kites, with the exception of the Razor, the V Bridle system adds not only to the safety iarush, but also contributes significantly to the feeling and performance of the kites. The Smartbar 4 becomes the first and only bar on the market with four size options, fitting the smallest to the largest Airush kites. Ride hard and have fun!!


The trade off will be the range of the kite will decrease — you will need to start using your board to control your speed instead!

In addition to the cm push pin adjustment, the Smartbar 4 features an additional two sizes 52 and 62 of adjustment with the all-new PU rubber coated Airush bar ends. Contact us info kitefinder. The kite has huge depower, which allows for this aggressive style of kiting. For wakestyle riders and people who want more pop, go for the red pigtail on the front lines. Master List – https: Subscribe to our newsletter and updates on we are doing and what we get up.

Review Airush DNA 2013

This will help when unhooking also and reduce back stall when kiting in light winds. Airush Lithium Core Kite. The Lithium has ample stability in the lower sections of the wind window and a good drift for wave riders. Airush Varial X