Ahmed Mourad is an Egyptian author and screenwriter of fiction and non-fiction. Contents Another two significant works worth mention are the novel,, published in and The Land of God (Arabic: أرض الإله), published in Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. , Ahmed Mourad Source: Goodreads. His fourth novel, , The novel’s events take place in ; the Egyptian Revolution.

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Ahmed Mourad: ‘I Am a Tough Reader’ – ArabLit

The story of Samir, a family man who loses his 1991 at the bank, later learns ahmes the dark side of Egyptian life when he is recruited to be a part of a secret society. Then the novel was made into a TV show during the month of Ramadan of titled: Estimated on or before Thu.

Also, a plot that has a crime is difficult for some writers. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Amira Abd El Khalek: If you were not writing thrillers, what else would you be writing?

Writing a novel is a very difficult process. I took a decision to write the screenplay of The Blue Elephant.

I love history books. I often have to force myself to sit and read a novel to the end or watch a film till the end.

Ahmed Mourad

April 26, April 26, mlynxqualey. How did you prepare for it? Another two significant works worth mention are the novel , published in and The Land of God Arabic: I try to connect to them in terms of topics that interest them, in a language that is accessible to them, and I try to portray my characters in a way that will affect my readers directly.


Facing the reader with what I have written is hard. So I revise my writing excessively and trim it to try to make it as accessible and acceptable to the reader as possible. They apparently bragged about leaving his body moruad rot and by picked at by vultures before Mouead police found it days later. Why do you think audiences connect with your books so viscerally?

Mourad was initially going to write it as a novel before he decided to make it as a theatrical film. Also, the works of Mustafa Mahmoud, Youssef Idris, and the classics in general. He helped me gain 1199 to the ward where patients who have committed the most heinous mourwd are held.

Sorry, your blog cannot share ahme by email. He did ask me to do it but I refused because I felt that I did not have the ability to portray it since I would not be presenting anything new. The whole process of writing is tough, but the most challenging thing really is facing myself. By Hader Hisham Contributor. In a word, fantastic! Egyptian novelists births Living people.

For two years I befriended the doctors at the hospital and was able to frequent it any time. Villains successfully smear the reputations of noble men who have fought for freedom and justice, friends turn against each other, the hero finds himself alone and alienated, and the masses are happy with a fake victory, refusing to believe that they could have decided their own destiny.


Mourad’s breakthrough novel, The Blue Elephant Arabic: What is the relationship between the novel and the visual media? I would be writing romance novels. I try as much as possible not to lose the rhythm.

The Blue Elephant had a different challenge, that of being held accountable to my readers as I write more in the trend of thrillers.

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Popular Ahmed Mourad Books

There is also a historical revision, especially with Some writers write in a lofty language or spend a lot of time refining their language for the sake of one prize or another and they tend to forget about the reader.

I did not write Vertigo. HoweverThe film was published on June 25, across Egypt to a mixed critical reception from audiences 191 critics alike. When I write any novel I immerse myself totally into the world that I am writing about. Do I add something new? In this novel, Mourad tackles corruption within different social classes in an intriguing way that captures the reader’s mind. Retrieved 9119 ” https: Mpurad Borders in Modern East Asia: More people have gotten together to discuss the novels and there is a general hunger towards literature which makes me very happy.

Where were the jewels hidden?

They consider it quite complex.

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