Afterworlds [Scott Westerfeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Afterworlds is a fiction novel by New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld that was published on September 23, The slogan for the book is . “Afterworlds is a wonderful book for any young person with an interest in growing up to be a writer.” —New York Times. “Get plenty; this one won’t stay on the.

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She’ll deal with it and you know she will because the book has to end afteraorlds some point. Would I have liked this in high school?

That’s part of the initial pull of the story, right? And here afterworlrs some stuff I actually quite liked: Darcy is a YA novelist, fresh out of high school and deferring college indefinitely? That is, just because she’s genetically Indian doesn’t mean she’s not appropriating. I just kept waiting for it to all come crashing down. And everything conveniently worked out for Darcy without her having to do anything. Meanwhile, Darcy’s budget woes and impostor syndrome feel like mundane concerns in such a heady fantasy of early success and financial independence.

It’s mildly interesting, but slow. Afterworlds is a supernatural thriller about Lizzie, who discovers that she can slip into the space between life Afterworlds is 2 stories. A bit too carefully constructed, for example not only with an eye on diversity but the way the issues of diversity and cultural appropriation were handled in the book.

Ahhh I’ve been wondering when there would be a new Westerfeld book. Heck, I’d be friends with all of these characters.

In ‘Afterworlds,’ A Teen Imagines Worlds Within Worlds

Hence the three stars. I got the idea that it was supposed to be a romance. Even Darcy knows is that supposed to be meta or bad writing? Want to Read saving….


I was really excited to read this book.

Jul 24, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Refresh and try again. That is, if we are to believe current writers, who for my money, are just too lazy to come up with something more meaningful in the way of dialog. Lizzie’s paranormal plot has a fantastic opening chapter so meta that this is mentioned in Darcy’s story as well and is unexpectedly creepy, but I wanted a bit more from the ending than what we got, and I was never really all that convinced by the romance in that timeline. But any book lover should be able to relate to Darcy’s frustration with her publisher, who wants a happier ending for her book, so a franchise can follow.

Scoth agent lets her stay in her fancy New York apartment while she finds a place of her own. Oct 04, Eilonwy rated it liked it Shelves: Beginning on page 2, as Darcy describes her query letter, she explains to the agent how “her novel was different from the other paranormals of the last few years. It’s just so unrealistic. But the two stories complement afterworlfs other well and provide plenty of variety between supernatural spice and grounding real-world exploration.

Afterworkds was just reading it so I could get to Darcy’s story. At first I loved this because it was so interesting to read about an author’s journey through the publishing world.

Book Review: ‘Afterworlds,’ By Scott Westerfeld | : NPR

Her lack of xfterworlds sense and independence started to really piss me off. Like most young people who leave home, she has ideas on the type of “group” she wants to fit into, and she works to make it true. What follows are two stories, told in alternating chapters: And by “who” I mean “Westerfeld” All in all, I really liked this. It’s that part in the middle that I had trouble with. But overall, the book was just okay. View all 4 comments.


View all 3 comments. And over all I’m excited to see where this whole idea afterworls going because right now I have no clue. And even more so, I was disappointed to find that half the book was both boring as shit and completely unnecessary.

Like, from acquaintances to kissing in no time at all. Gets her aunt to co-sponsor the loan. That’s just a preference I have. Here’s a link to my YouTube review. Also, at least this is going to be a standalone which means no waiting for months for a sequel!

I am an author. Readers will love the insider glimpses into the YA aftterworlds world and Darcy’s fantasy novel, Afterworlds is compelling. Darcy, the main character of the main story the one writing the book within the bookhas some misgivings about one of her main characters, who is based on a Hindu death god.

So while Westerfeld is writing about a fictitious writer and her fictitious book, he’s also exploring some very real issues that very real YA writers face. It’s definitely made dcott into my top ten favourite books of so far, it’s just that damn good!