In the Company of Shadows is a four-part original slash series written collaboratively by Sonny and Ais. Currently a work in progress, the. SPOILER ALERT! ***. *** THIS IS NOT A DRILL! ***. *** SPOILER ALERT! ***. Ok , NOW we’re fucking talking! While I stand by my (very correct). Afterimage (In The Company of Shadows, #2) by Santino Hassell (Goodreads Author), Ais (Goodreads Author) #gay #novel #mmromance.

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Hsin has to deal with a lot of things: View all 78 comments. OMG, I wanted to kill myself again. My love affair continues with comlany outrageously engaging series. Seeing Sin in therapy and finally getting the help he needs was great, but really hard to read.

Other than that this book was gooood. I really wanted to jump into the book and kick some ass!! Which I would never do to you guys.

Often without meaning to. Thank god for his character.


Afterimage In the Company of Shadows, 2 by Ais. In the Company of Shadows Author s: I still love this series, even though I most definitely do not condone what SH has done. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the “works” in question. We follow Sin as he’s dealing with new symptoms of his psychological condition, and Boyd as he goes through a grueling three month shzdows program in an attempt at independence. This review has been hidden because it contains afteimage.


They are hurting each other over and over again by trying to protect the other or hide what they feel and fear.

A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creationson the part of the author or publisher. If you like the idea of something and know of a better place I can go to give you a higher quality item for a better cost, let me know.

View all 48 comments. He was there when Boyd needed a friend, someone to talk to. If I had one complaint it would be the length of the book, it is mammoth and there is a lot of repetition.

In the Company of Shadows Series by cover. These books are aftwrimage long and since I just can’t seem to stop reading, my family seems to feel a bit neglected That is why the Agency has had him locked up in a box on the fourth floor for years. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

The variety of reviews, questions, discussions, and art can be found on the forum of the authors’ website, Penumbra. View all 36 comments. It has plenty of intrigue that kept me on the edge of my seat. The book is brilliant Demons can never hide aftsrimage long.

In the Company of Shadows | Ais

To see if his guilt and shame would affect his job and duties. I read this kn always with the hope to find some light on all that darkness The relationship between Boyd and Sin. I know life within the Agency will never be easy and their missions are beyond dangerous but that didn’t matter to me as long as they were facing it together and that was the problem with this book, they weren’t.


It was stupid, full of miscommunication, selfishness and boring. You added sunshine into this rather gloomy book. The fun, sexy vibe from book one is gone.

Angst raised to the Superpower. Dec 16, Cristina added it Shelves: See all 11 questions about Afterimage….

in the company of shadows

LOL Sin is really suffering in this book; it broke my heart to see him so alone. In the Company of Shadows. And for me, that is the key. I’m very curious to see what the future has in store for our boys. That both Boyd and Sin needed to work on their inner demons before they could ever hope to have a truly healthy relationship.

The pain and loneliness that Sin experiences in this book is just absolutely afterimagr breaking and the more I think about it the more upsetting it becomes. People see what they want to see. People will see what they need to in order to survive or justify the world around them.

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