The African Origin of Civilization has ratings and 48 reviews. Zanna said: Soundtrack to this review – please listen:)The Ancient Egyptians, th. Cheikh Anta Diop was a great Senegalese historian, anthropologist, philosopher, physicist and politician. He should be considered as one of. Get this from a library! The African origin of civilization: myth or reality. [Cheikh Anta Diop] — From the Publisher: Edited and translated by Mercer Cook. Laymen .

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I would chelkh reading this book to anyone who’s often wondered why we protrait ancient peoples the way we do in television film and movies.

Dec 26, Justin rated it it was ok. Dec 08, Roisin rated it it was amazing. Sep 15, Benard Akin rated it really liked it. You have to constantly think and check out the references, which makes it very insightful in my opinion. Pythagorean mathematics, the theory of the four elements of Thales of Miletus, Epicurean materialism, Platonic idealism, Judaism Islam, and modern science are rooted in Egyptian cosmology and science. Diop stakes out his positions very clearly.

And we know that totemism is alive almost everywhere in Black Africa even today. Diop lays out two africna reasons as to why ancient Egypt likely sprung from black Africa.

Th What struck me as most interesting were the claims of ancient Egypt springing from black Africa versus the claims that it could not have sprung from black Africa.

The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality

I thank all of the Scholars who have taken the time to research t bring us vital information that knocks all false theories out of the water! As a child Diop spent many years cheikhh the history of the Wolof peoples with many of the most erudite members of the Mourides, civilozation as Mbacke Bousso who was a cousin and disciple of the great Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba. I cannot say enough about this man and his life’s work. I have the highest respect for the late great Dr.


Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 25, A.

Jane on June 23, at 8: This book should be required reading for all adults and children. Let’s just say Elizabeth Taylor was not accurately cast as Cleopatra. We only need to use our common sense and ask questions instead of accepting sponfed information that has never made sense…. A very important book on the subject. Unforgivably, CAD collaborates in antiblackness as it constructs black female gender.

What struck me as most interesting were the claims of ancient Egypt springing from black Africa versus the claims that it could not have sprung from black Africa. This isn’t a theory of racial superiority of course; the Egyptians’ social and cultural sophistication, asserts CAD, was nurtured by their environment and the need for cooperation imposed by the particular agricultural conditions around the Nile.

CAD suggests that the Egyptians persecuted the Jews because of their horror of nomads. I am generally wary of this kind of psychological explanation-by-climate, but in some aspects this speculative description approximates a historical approach.

It is at precisely these points that Euro centric scholars rush to seek refuge in complex and erudite abstractions and endless speculations: We only need to use our common sense and ask questions instead of accepting sponfed information that has never made sense… Like Like.

Diop, as well as other scholars such as Dr. Mainstream Egyptologists such as F. CAD has used white man epistemology and essentialism strategically. Europe was ostensibly less advanced than Africa in the fourteenth century – and any accounts from outsiders Arabs, Portuguese point to Africans being generally just people.

Even on the grounds of the essentialist concept of race it propounds, it is incorrect. His analysis on societies and how they developed would be seen as Marxist, yet he manages to provide enough evidence and analysis to support his thesis.

He doesn’t shy away from criticism or from acknowledging that some gaps need to be filled in. A Heritage of ….


In my opinion it will be well worth the effort! We must remember that the overwhelmingly settler populations of modern Egypt had nothing to do with ancient Pharaonic civilizations that we all admire. Who was a great man full of God and humility.

Cheikh Anta Diop and the African Origin of Civilization | African Heritage

Feb 23, Murvin rated it it was amazing. He obtained pigment from Egyptian mummies and tested for their melanin content. In this book, Diop has challenged the western intellectual tradition. In that respect, it is not as readable as Chancellor Williams’ book, ” The Destruction of Black Civilization”, nevertheless, like Chancellor Williams’ book, it is a classic.

The last person is quite enlightened, he knows race is not a thing, but it civilziation to me that it is another way of avoiding an uncomfortable topic. In the book Diop writes about these close linguistic relationships between Wolof and ancient Egyptian. Diop even noted that the language of the Ancient Egyptians bears similarities to West African languages.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Jun 11, conec rated it really liked it. White supremacy has been making out like a bandit on the back of this valid deconstruction for some time, pretending that since race does not exist, racism the white concept of racism is one of the master’s tools does not exist either, since Lincoln freed the slaves or whatever, now there’s a full meritocracy, level playing field afrian Where should I start?

His books were largely responsible for, at least, the partial cheiikh of attitudes about the place of African people in history, in scholarly circles vivilization the world.

The history of Black Africa will remain suspended in air and cannot be written correctly until historians dare connect it with the history of Egypt……….

He also spoke several African and European languages.

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