Items 1 – 20 of 45 Gasket provides compression seal when tightened against tube or pipe. Standard style gaskets are available in BUNA-N, EPDM, BUNA-N. Items 1 – 20 of 83 Flexmaster joints absorb vibration and are ideal for making quick connections and disconnections when repairing or disassembling a system. Aeroquip NHCB Flexmaster Coupling Pipe ID is ideal for making quick connections and disconnections. Has a stainless steel gripping ring .

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Select Location s Download. Eaton offers a one stop shopwhich decreases number of purchase orders, freight cost. Paint Markers and Jiffy Felts.

White Nylon Flexmasteg Fittings. Insert Machines, Tagging, and Misc Equipment. Retail Packaged Brass Pipe Fittings. Spill Pads, Contamination Respo Mufflers, Breather Vents, and Conical Silencers.

They are ideal for joining misaligned pipe and are ideal for making quick connections and disconnections when repairing or disassembling a system.


Stainless Ball Valves Lockable and Standard. Cleaners, Solvents, and Rags. Machined Miniature Ball Valves. Brass Hose Inserts and Push-on Three Way Brass Ball Valves. Braided Metal Ends – Welded. Aeroquip Flexmaster Expansion Joints. Hydraulic Brass Push-On Barbs. Hose Cleaning Launchers, Projectiles, Capsules. Paint Spray Hose Assemblies. Drum, Barrel and Backflow Valve Balflex Thermoplastic Hydraulic Hose.

This allows assemblers with more versatility when designing piping systems. Hydraulic Tube Benders aeroquiip Flaring Tools. Aeroquip Generic Branded Hydraulic Hose. Refrigeration Hose Couplings, E Ny-Glass and Yellow Nylon Camlocks. Snaptite 71 Hydraulic Quick Connects.

Flexmaster Connectors Value Proposition | Eaton PowerSource

Mobile machinery and equipment. Self Coiling Air Hose, Recoil. Protective Hose Wrap, Line Bundling. Decreases inventory carrying costs due to the fact that multiple joint solutions do falset need to be inventoried. Hose Reel Stops, Bumpers, and Switches.

Eaton Aeroquip Flexmaster Coupling Gaskets

Utility Blower Hose Flexible Ducting. Balflex Braided Hydraulic Hose. Aeroquip Braided Hydraulic Hose. Heater, Coolant, Radiator, Turbo. Stainless Steel Garden Hose Adapters.


Nylon Cable Ties Zap Straps. Shotcrete, Gunite, and Concrete Hose. Steam Lances, Nozzles, and Guns. Braided Metal Hose – Welded. Features Absorbs vibration Quick assembly Fixes piping misalignments Easy installation Available gasket materials: Brass Swing Valves, Check Valves.

Carbon Steel Ball Valves. Locking Camlock Dust Caps. Three Way Stainless Ball Valves. Quick Connects For Hydraulics, Fuel Fill Marine Hose. Eaton Crimpers, Dies, Tools, and Parts. Earoquip Transfer Hose for Abrasives. Contact Us sales new-line.

Hosebuns, Hose Hangers, and Cab Industrial Valves Butterfly, Wafer, Ultraflo. Standard Pressure Washer Hose. Stainless steel sleeve option and different seal materials allows for product application diversity. Hose Reel Brackets, Guides, and Mounts.

Flexmastr, and Pipe Flanges.