I finished knitting and blocking my Aeolian shawl the other day. This is the third and final shawl in my series of shawls for my bridesmaids. Beautiful lace shawl. Free knitting pattern. Pattern category: Shawls. Lace weight yarn. yards. Features: Lace. Experienced difficulty level. You start with 3 [sts] and end with And there is a wild ride in between! I am talking about the Aeolian Shawl (free pattern from Knitty) which.

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I started this at the end of August and finished it over a week ago, but could not bring myself to block it. Correct gauge is not essential for this project unless you are working with a limited quantity of yarn ie. However, the edge contains both a heavy amount of open lacework, the beads help to weigh the edge down to prevent curling, and pure silk tends to take a block very well, so I threw caution to the wind and used the bind-off that I thought would look nicest.

Generally, I prefer to pre-string beads because it is faster in the long run, BUT they do not knit into the project the same way see picture below.

Aeolian Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

As this shawl is knit in stockinette lace right up to the bind-off, I would normally be concerned about the edge rolling. This enabled me to spread the border sections out properly.

Buy a second skein to be safe. It helps to use a finger to hold each new stitch in place so that you do not inadvertently tighten the last increase while making the next one. The set-up chart shows all stitches as knitted. However, as you can see from the photos, this shawl is just a tad oversized.


Repeat on second side of the shawl. Slip next 2 sts together, knitwise, as if to work a k2tog. Pattern repeats when working from charts: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Susan’s Aeolian Shawl Archives – theraineysisters theraineysisters

Allow shawl to dry completely before unpinning. Try swatching each kind to see which type works best for the yarn you choose. And, do you see the beads? My first attempt to block the shawl flat was unsatisfactory. Placing the beads as you go was the method chosen by the designer.

On following WS row, purl these 7 sts together. Remove waste yarn from CO edge, placing resulting 2[3] live sts on left needle; k these sts. To place a bead on a stitch, first insert the hook through the hole in the bead, and slide the bead onto the shaft of the hook. To print, simply click the option you wish from the buttons on the right: Knit next st through back loop, then pass both slipped sts over st just knit.

And there is a wild ride in between! Continue in pattern, working through charts as established, until Row 28 of Edge Set-up Chart is complete. This issue of Knitty is printer friendly. K1 without dropping st from left needle, yo, [k same st again without dropping from left needle, yo] 3 times, k same st again and drop st from left needle.

I found it to be an interesting and engaging knit, much like the other shawl I have knit by the same designer, Laminaria. Given that I started out with yards, that was a little close! Here is my Cylon Raider being blocked: For more examples of the beautiful stitches originating in Estonia, take a look at the Estonian Lace Study.

Knitting Patterns Galore – Aeolian Shawl

When a bead is to be placed on a decrease, the bead should be placed before working the decrease, as follows: It is important to keep the slipped edge sts very loose, so the shawl will block properly. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Here is my Cylon Raider being blocked:. The first st of each row is slipped purlwise. Aeolian Shawl August 23, by titianknitter.

Handspun Flame Shoulderette Length at center back: This forms a centered double decrease. At the end, I had about 18 inches of shadl to spare. Insert left needle into fronts of these 3 sts and knit them together.

However, with the top folded up a bit, the wings are long and weighty enough with the beads that I can throw one end over my shoulder and be confident that the shawl adolian stay put without a pin — nice!

For this pattern, I used a crochet chain bind-off. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Slip the stitch back to shael needle, then knit it. The edges ran off at multiple points, and parts of the border were ehawl distorted. In row 43, I placed beads on the designated stitches that were knit plain, but did not place beads on the designated decrease stitches.

Later, the chain will be unraveled and the resulting live sts picked up.

Work Rows of Set-Up Chart, working center st and edge sts as set. Knit the stitches to the right of the outlined shawwl repeat, repeat the stitches between the red lines until just enough stitches remain before the center stitch marker to finish by knitting the stitches to the left of the outlined pattern repeat. Work Rows of Yucca Chart 4[12] times.