The Wild Series by Adriane Leigh. Very Sexy Interrelated Standalones. Wild by Adriane Leigh. A USA Today Bestseller! An independent. Adriane Leigh. Series By Adriane Leigh; Books By Adriane Leigh Wild. #1. Ridge. #2. Slade. #3. The Wild Series (#): Wild, Ridge, Slade. The Wild Series . Find the complete Wild book series by Adriane Leigh. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over $

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Wild (Wild, #1) by Adriane Leigh

He still is miserable without Mia. Kat Kennedy has just moved to Maine, she is running from her past and determined to leave it all behind. And then the end? I didn’t even feel bad for her because It probably got the second star from me because she is a decent writer.

Wild Series

What a rollercoaster of emotions!!! Without her, he kept drowning in his own pain…in the guilt of their situation. Soo the title kind of says it all huh? But he’s got Lane back Wild had a naughty mouth on him, and I loved it! I guess I should have kept reading. He could not shut off his feelings for her Ridge was just as hot, but much darker. And the cover… whew… perfect visual for all the yumminess of this sexy, sexy BBF.

This comment was not meant as offensive or insulting They are hot and sexy without leihh other, bring them together and it had to be explosive. Jan 22, Tobia James marked it as to-read. Check out my blog for adriqne reviews! My eyes flicked down her beautiful body. Different girl, same score.


She is keeping him at arm’s length and he seems to be doing the same but they can’t seem to stop their attraction to each other.

I can’t wait for more! There’s very little happiness and there’s a few things Ridge does that can be a serious deal breaker for some readers. Yes “Wild” was an erotic romance but there was mystery, suspense, drama by the bucket loads and an action packed finale that had me on the edge of my seat Not only because i was a fan of the other team right from the start-GO MIA- but mostly because she was a weak, pathetic, klingy and needy woman who view spoiler [let a pregnancy happen with someone who didn’t love her and at points not even like her.

It would never be like it was with Mia, but it would be something. There are some others like Slade, Wilds – Best Friend, Ridge – His brother, a bartender chick, but they’re just there.

Ridge was a tortured soul and he’d given up the only thing that had ever made sense in his fucked up life Can something please happen other than these two fucking? He was protective, but guarded with a whole lot of caveman thrown in. Adriane Leigh took me on a dark, twisted and very hot ride with this one! I could see it pouring off him. Lane Wild was my lovable rogue.

Ridge has made mistakes many, many wjld and maybe I should hate him or at the very least not want to jump him but I adore him! They were both hiding secret pasts that slowly filtered out. This is one smokin hot read with plenty of hot sex that will leave you squirming in your seat and in need of a few cold showers And I ate it up.


The Wild Series (#1-3) : Wild, Ridge, Slade

Leogh book has non-stop sexy action throughout that will leave you wanting more. I still enjoyed it, after all any man who is willing to hand his balls over to his lady outside the bedroom but still dominate her inside is worth reading about. So he decides he can find solace in a new relationship and picks up the first girl qild finds in a bar, Amy, and attempts to make a go of it with her.

View all 53 comments. Sometimes the damage done is beyond repair. Excellent job to Adriane Leigh for an outstanding story, plot and character development and above all, for making me LOVE someone I would normally loathe. It was like he’d pressed the self destruct button He misses her everyday.

I felt his pain and level of remorse. Ridge Oh, and I’m a masochist Ridge is a story of an extremely broken individual who struggled tremendously with his demons and consequences of his past mistakes and actions. View all 16 comments. Would I read future books by this adfiane View all 13 comments. This book begins with Ridge deciding he is going to end things with Mia even though he knows he will never be iwld to replace what he has with her.

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