Pin compatible with AD/ADs. lead, exposed-paddle TSSOP package. APPLICATIONS. Cellular/PCS communication systems infrastructure. AD – MHZ RF / if Quadrature Modulator FEATURES MHz MHz Operating Frequency + dBm @ MHz dBm/Hz Noise Floor Analog Devices AD datasheet, MHz to MHz Quadrature Modulator (1-page), AD datasheet, AD pdf, AD datasheet pdf, AD

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Comparable Parts Click to see all in Parametric Search. What am I doing wrong? How can I get the rms detector to accurately detect the power during a pulse modulated signal input? Package Description The package for this IC i. If you were to change the horizontal scale to logarithmic volts, you would see a straight line until the onset of compression aternatively if you were to make the vertical scale on the right, linear, it would also yield a straight line.

We do take orders for items that are not in stock, so delivery may be scheduled at a future date. ADL Dataasheet Variation vs.

AD8345 Datasheet PDF

Changing the ADFX output channel without datashfet glitch? Once an order has been placed, Analog Devices, Inc. The AD modulator can be used as the IF transmit. BoxNorwood, MAU. Shouldn’t the gain of the device be constant vs. Due to environmental concerns, ADI offers many of our products in lead-free versions. Transit times from these sites may vary.

Note that in Figure 16 of the AD’s Rev. Also, please note the warehouse location for the product ordered. The LO and baseband inputs which should be biased at 0.


Status Status indicates the current lifecycle of the product. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under datasheeet patent or patent rights of Analog Devices.

Additionally, this quadrature modulator can be used with direct. The AD accurately splits the external LO signal into two. We have several ADs and all exhibit different levels of output voltage with no RF signal present. AD — MHz to 2. The model is currently being produced, and generally available for purchase and sampling. The AD accurately splits the external LO signal into two quadrature components through the polyphase phase splitter network.

Ar8345 Rohs Orders from Analog Devices. For direct daatasheet transmit applications up to MSPS: Pin-compatible with AD and AD This, I think, is more useful because it is daatsheet easier to identify the device’s ouput compression point. Other models listed in the table may still be available if they have a status that is not obsolete.

Baseband Differential Input Voltage not a straight line? I can only assume that it is a slight plotting error.

AD Pout vs. Vinbb Transfer Function – Documents – RF and Microwave – EngineerZone

Please Select a Language. How does is change over gain? An Evaluation Board is a board engineered to show the performance of the model, the part is included on the board. Model Package Pins Temp.

View Detailed Evaluation Kit Information. It can also directly modulate an LO signal to. AD and ADL maintains performance at low frequencies. What is going on? B Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. This can be one of 4 datasheer The model has not been released to general production, but samples may be available.


At least one model within this product family is in production and available for purchase.

AD Output Offset Voltage. Please Select a Region. The ADL has a low frequency oscillation.

AD Datasheet(PDF) – Analog Devices

Select the purchase button to display inventory availability and online purchase options. When we plot this data on our newer datasheets, we use a logarithmic voltage scale on the horizontal axis see example plot below. The specific part is obsolete and no longer available. ADIsimPLL removes at least one iteration from the design process, thereby speeding the design- to-market. It is important to note the scheduled dock date on the order entry screen.

AD Operation at 2.

AD8345 Pout vs. Vinbb Transfer Function

The Purchase button will be displayed if model is available for purchase online at Analog Devices or one of our authorized distributors. What is the insertion phase change of the ADL as the gain control voltage is varied? Please enter samples into your cart to check sample availability.