Write array to ByteArray: ByteArray «Development «Flash / Flex / ActionScript. is it possible to write past the null byte into the ByteArray()?. Of course it is. ByteArray — is a chunk of raw data. You can write whatever you like there, and you. As the name suggests, a byte array allows you to work with binary data by storing it Most of the uses of byte arrays in ActionScript are fairly specialized, but an.

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The trace output displays nothing. String Reads a multibyte string of specified length from the byte stream using the specified character set.

ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Vectors and ByteArrays

Setting this property to true only affects subsequent code that passes this byte array to a worker. For example, you could modify the string “Thu” to say “Hi”. Reads an IEEE double-precision bit floating-point number from the byte stream. When an object is written to or read from binary data, the objectEncoding value is used to determine whether the ActionScript 3. Likewise, in order to decode data compressed in a format such as gzip or zip, you can’t simply call uncompress CompressionAlgorithm.

Examine each line of the code below and the impact it has on the Actiknscript.

The position property is set to 0. The ability bytrarray access a shared byte array from multiple workers simultaneously can result in an undesirable situation where both workers are manipulating the byte array’s underlying memory at the same time. The second line of code declares a reference variable and then instantiates a vector that will contain only Number data.

Write the double-precision floating-point equivalent of the mathematical value of pi. Writes a sequence of length bytes from actionsvript specified byte array, bytes, starting offset zero-based index bytes into the byte stream. It’s a very simple object with three custom properties.


The specific details of how objects are serialized with AMF is beyond the scope of this article. Certain bytes adtionscript metadata about the compressed data, while other bytes contain the actual compressed version of the original Btyearray data. Executing this code will show that the vector currently has 0 elements. As you may have noticed from the previous examples, you need to know the type and order of the data added to the ByteArray in order to read it back out correctly.

The default value is false. If the data in the array begins with a Unicode byte order mark, the application will honor that mark when converting to a string.

ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Vectors and ByteArrays | Adobe Developer Connection

Data can be added to and removed from ActionScript 3 vectors at runtime using actjonscript same methods you use with arrays. Writes a byte to the byte stream. The returned value is in the range to It also can be read and written to as an in-memory file, using methods similar to those in the URLStream and Socket classes.

To avoid this bytearrray, you must register the class. String Reads a UTF-8 string from the byte stream. The first line of code below declares a variable that will reference a vector containing numbers.

Suppose you fill a byte array with characters 0 through and trace it. Reads a sequence of UTF-8 bytes specified by the length parameter from the byte stream and returns a string. This sequential access method is bytearay faster than the array index method you use with Array and Vector, but it is more complicated.

When dealing with a static number of things, you can tell the vector that the size is fixed.

Write array to ByteArray : ByteArray « Development « Flash / Flex / ActionScript

The initial value of the position property is 0 zero as shown in the following code: Here’s an interesting one. See also ObjectEncoding class ByteArray. If you use a fixed-length Vector, this will be actipnscript primary way to populate data. Returns int — A bit signed integer between and For more information about compressing and decompressing ByteArrays see compressuncompressdeflateand inflate in the ActionScript 3.


To use the zlib compression algorithm, you must call compress and uncompress. This answer with examples helped me to understand ByteArray, null-bytes and it’s influence in string throughoutly.

Sign up using Email and Password. Compresses the byte array using the deflate compression algorithm. End of file was encountered.

IOError — The data is not valid compressed data; it was not compressed with the same compression algorithm used to compress. Related API Elements compress flash. The deflate compression algorithm is used in several compression formats, such as zlib, gzip, some zip implementations, and others.

First, you must separate the metadata that is included as part of the compressed data format from the actual compressed data. Declare a new ByteArray object instance byteArr. It also can be read and written to as an in-memory file, using methods similar to those in the URLStream and Socket classes. By convention you use the dot path and class name to create the alias; however, technically you could use any unique alias, for example:.

It also can be read and written to as an in-memory file, using methods similar to those in the URLStream and Socket classes. When you create a new ByteArray instance, the encoding on that instance starts with the value of defaultObjectEncoding.