“La acidez y el encalado de los suelos”. Revista Ciencia y Técnica en la Agricultura Cañera (La Habana, Cuba) N° 2. Act p: Principales fuentes de acidez • La Acidez en suelos viene de H + y de los iones de Al 3+ en la solución del suelo y adsorbido a la superficie de las partículas de . Acidez y encalado de los suelos. Instituto de la Potasa y el Fósforo, Quito, Ecuador. 42pp. INPOFOS. Manual Internacional de Fertilidad de Suelos.

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However, these have been seldom applied in the area object of this study, and therefore they will not be discussed in this paper.

Temperate pasture legues in Australia – their history, current use and future prospects. For the analysis of exchangeable aluminium, 10 g of dry soil were added to a solution of KCl 1M, then shaken for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Advances encapado Agronomy 66, Spanish words that begin with e. Phosphoric fertilizers affect directly phosphorus availability Helyar, Our method was based on the comparison of native pastures with farmers’ grasslands after they have received, 1 to 4 years before our survey, the program actions.

The number of fields studied is shown in table 1. We analysed the soil in those fields, for two consecutive years, characterized by very different weather conditions: In this locality, exchangeable Al content was the highest among all the samples, which caused high toxicity and a poor growth in the grassland; this, in turn, strongly limited phosphorus uptake, which probably explains the observed imbalance.

Soil Science 8 Red de Pastizales Andinos. We mixed the soil of eight sub-samples in each field.


ENCALADO – Definition and synonyms of encalado in the Spanish dictionary

Instead, at Lonquimay exchangeable aluminum decreased significantly, and pH remained slightly higher than the control values through the first four years. The program consisted of i liming, ii correction of the P status, and syelos sowing forage plants. Such strategy should be based on a balance of P that takes into account the increase of output due to the increase of the pasture productivity.

Urea acidifies soils and can cause an increase in the amount of exchangeable aluminium Axidez et al. At Lonquimay P-Olsen was initially increased, showing a positive suekos effect of the program, but gradually decreased after the first year, until it returned to the initial level. El impacto del programa sobre la acidez pH y aluminio intercambiable ed disponibilidad de P fue diferente entre localidades. It is more likely due to the unsufficient amount of lime added to the soil: During the first year of alfalfa cropping, a second fertilization was performed kg ha -1 of P 2 O 5.

Finally, the impact of the program on phosphorus availability P-Olsen was also different between municipalities Table 5. Arrows in Figure 1 shows relationships between program actions and changes expected in the soil.

Acidez y encalado de los suelos – José Espinosa M. – Google Books

Cultivation practices of the different fileds studied are presented in table 2. Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics.

They could be explained by the above-mentioned changes in the pH. Jean Roger-Estrade E-mail address: Each value in tables 3 – 5 is the average of 4 to 8 measured values. They were compared to fields that received the program one, two, three or four acixez earlier and were located near enough of the control plots so that the characteristics in terms of soil condition and cultivation history were similar. Meaning of “encalado” in the Spanish dictionary.


Meaning of “encalado” in the Spanish dictionary

In a similar way to liming, the phosphoric fertilization must be part of a global strategy for impro ving P availability.

The solution was shaked for 30 minutes and filtered. However, P-Olsen gradually decreased after the first year, until it returned to its initial level. Finally, overgrazing caused also problems of erosion. The chemical behavior of aluminium, hydrogen and manganese in acid soils, in: The findings are not similar to those of Verde et al.

At Lonquimay, P-Olsen initially significantly increased, showing a positive short-term effect of the program. No fertilization was applied afterwards, whatever the delay between the program application and our survey in and En el diccionario castellano encalado encaladoo encaladura.

These two fertilizations were not sufficient to guarantee the maintenance of available phosphorus levels in the years after the application of the program. In this area phosphoric fertilizer was first applied kg ha -1 of P 2 O 5just before the alfalfa was sown. The program should also integrate some actions relative to pasture management.

Moreover, those sueoos are also detrimental to the growth of legumes Ritchie,