Cilea: Acerba Volutta (Adriana Lecouvreur). Play. Play Pause Seek 0% buffered Current time Toggle Mute Volume Toggle Fullscreen. Secondary. Acerba voluttà from Adriana Lecouvreur. About the Work. Francesco Cilea Composer: Francesco Cilea. Past Performances. A Tribute to the Grace Bumbry.

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The title role in Adriana Lecouvreur has always been a favorite of sopranos with large voices, which tend to sit less at the very top of their range. He sang again in Adriana Lecouvreur in February He tells Adriana the assignation was political.

The Prince, who has an interest in chemistry, is storing a powerful poison that the government has asked him to analyze. She is hurt that he should send them back to her. Left alone with Adriana, Michonnet aceba to express his love for her.

He sings of his war exploits, ‘Il russo Mencikoff’. The Prince hears that Duclos is writing a letter, and arranges for its interception.


Nevertheless, despite being grateful for her help at court, he admits he no longer loves her. At a reception given by the Acerbz and Princess, guests note the arrival of Michonnet and Adriana. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Maurizio presents them to her. It had a run of only three performances that season, however, due in large part to Caruso’s ill-health. However, Adriana explains she has a lover: For the film, see Adriana Lecouvreur film.


A ballet is performed: Opera by Francesco Cilea. Maurizio has been imprisoned for debt, whilst the Princess is desperate to discover the identity of her rival. Maurizio realizes they think he is with Duclos. Views Read Edit View history. Aleardo Villa — Adriana Lecouvreur.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Maurizio Maurice de SaxeCount of Saxony.

The opera was not performed again at the Met until a new production was mounted in When the Princess announces that Maurizio has been wounded in a duel, Adriana faints. Adriana gives him some violets to put in his acrrba.

Duclos’s letter comes to Maurizio, who then cancels his appointment with Adriana. She kisses the flowers, ‘Poveri fiori’, and throws them in the fire.

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Adriana enters and learns Maurizio’s true identity. While there are some actual historical figures in the opera, the episode it recounts is largely fictional; its death-by-poisoned-violets plot acdrba is often signalled as verismo opera’s least realistic. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat He wishes to marry her. Michonnet has retrieved a diamond necklace, previously pawned by Adriana to help Maurizio pay off his debts.


Although they embrace, he realises she is shaking.

Adriana Lecouvreur – Wikipedia

The opera is based on the life of the French actress Caerba Lecouvreur — This part has a relatively low tessituragoing no higher than A5, but requires great vocal power, and acerbz a meaty and challenging one to tackle on a dramatic level — especially during the work’s so-called “Recitation” and death scene.

Complimented, she sings ‘Io son l’umile ancella’ “I am the humble servant of the creative spirit”. Preparing for a performance, the company bustle around Michonnet, the stage manager.

However, the two women are mutually suspicious and the rescue attempt turns into a blazing quarrel before the Princess finally leaves.