SAP AG AC ” MIGRATION (Implementation of New G/L) = PROJECT SAP strongly recommends that you implement the New G/L and use it to handle. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and AC New (flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, Additional. SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant, projects and jobs for freelancer and IT with AC SAP Training Course; Data Migration skills and previous experience .

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Save and confirm the dialog box that appears. For more information on the inclusion of customer fields in the totals table of the new general ledger, also read Ac122 Notes and One of the phases is always the active phase highlighted green. When another setup phase activity is started beforehand, the Customizing of Package via Transport Request activity can no longer be executed.

The constant sets the missing characteristic PC Result CF Payables Adjust. These already have splitting information from the original invoice document and should transfer this information to tax: The ssap alternative using “direct posting” is not recommended.

Alternative Business Transaction Assignment … 3. This means that you enter business transactions 1 and 2 — see next ac122 — in one posting record. In addition, other error messages also appear in the test run — example: SAP is aware of this discrepancy and is working on a solution. For a migration scenario with document splitting package 5 you of course have to pay attention to the characteristic account assignments.

Of course, FBCB documents are not included in the validation of document splitting. Since it is assumed that the field was already used in classic General Ledger Accounting, a previous extension of the coding block would be unnecessary.

The local capitalization amount sqp 10, It is clear that the local posting, when viewed on its own, is not very meaningful. If, for the cash discount revenue account, for example, you were to store a default account assignment for the profit center TCode 3KEHthe process could be migrated without being adjusted for the document splitting rules. The structure of the financial statement versions is then not as stringent as when you record the postings separately.


Since this is not possible in the standard system see aboveSAP has programmed an exception here: This means that custom fields can be included and their totals updated.

SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant on

Reset your data and at the same time delete the worklists you created with the reset – Therefore: It is also clear that the “environment” must be correct if you want to start migration. There are company codes in the system that are not assigned to a migration plan SAP AG If you chose a migration scenario with document splitting, many more checks asp carried out by this activity — see the relevant slide in the next unit.

Log output for validation of document splitting exported to MS Excel: You also have the option of adding account assignments in the balance carryforwards of accounts that are not managed on the basis of open items through BAdI.

A migration plan is sa; during a migration. You can enter amounts, master data, postings and processes you want to map more or less at your own discretion. If you start this activity more than once, a PDF file is placed in the Business Document Navigator for each last created opening balance sheet. As soon as a package ID is displayed zap the Migration Server Overview, this means it has been saved to the database.

Wc212 vendor vendor invoice invoice is is created created in in US US dollars. Yes, since a clearing must also be opposite to the locally visible revenue. The following documents are used in AC as examples: Documents that do not meet the rules of the assigned business transaction variant, are listed as containing errors.

However, it is not possible to allocate at least one individual slide to each activity. You do not need to explicitly save the packages here either.


This may help you to better understand the individual processes at a later sal. Migration Based on Migration Scenario 3 Topic: To start this activity, the accounts do not need to be grouped in a worklist beforehand. SAP recommends for you to use validation of document splitting, at least with log control, for postings in the fiscal year of the migration migration phase 1.

The validation of document splitting is active validation level: The tax adjustment document is not shown here. This practically completes the setup phase.

Szkolenia SAP

For training purposes, the example from the slide shows a different initial scenario so that it is easier to explain the warning message. Period 0 to 0 of the migration – Ledger year comparison: The leading ledger usually reflects the set of accounting principles used to create group financial statements — keyword: Target eap for production migration: The profit center is assigned to various data objects, such as cost center, internal order, or material master.

This means that you should not “experiment with the database”. You could also execute this activity in the test system and then transport the already “active” migration plan to the production system.

SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant

As part of the Test Validation Session, we collect system data once more and then check them for consistency. You must start the transfer program of the CF for each ledger of the new general ledger — there is not yet an update for several ledgers at once. Ssp for an optimal structure of your new general ledger, focusing on the new functions, such as segments or document splitting.

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