Conforme a ABNT NBR , seção , o anverso da folha de rosto deve Segundo a ABNT (, ), o resumo deve ressaltar o objetivo. 26 fev. Informação e documentação – Relatório técnico e/ou científico – Apresentação ?ID= Norma. /02/26 – v added compliance to ABNT NBR added \ ABNTEXcaptiondelim command. added documentation for superscript citations.

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Checking of the influence of the low angle sun behind the targets in summer 5.

CTAN: /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/abntex2

In this practice, only one of the targets was rotated and a measurement was performed before and after the target was rotated, with both models. Set up for special targets to detect single axis errors like horizontal collimation error 4.

The first test was performed to verify the internal accuracy of the equipment in combination with the targets. The tests consisted of using laser 3D equipment to scan the hall and obtain the target coordinates used as a reference. Help Center Find new research papers in: Target tests Because of the situation in the building no 2 of the University of Applied Sciences we decided to use special targets for the point definition.

Mark Hendry Olson mark hendryolson. In the Focus 3D model, at the end of each scan, a preview of the scan is shown on the display, with this tool it is possible to verify that all points of interest have been scanned. After assembly, the equipment is switched on and must be configured to perform the measurement. Temperature effects on the building to the position of the targest laser tracker measurements every 2 months-finances?

Therefore, the use of pedagogical approaches, such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Formative Assessments, together with gamification techniques, such as Octalysis, can be used to develop a technological solution that contemplates this public.

As with the Faro Scene, the HDS Cyclone Software Suite software finds most of the targets as well as points that are not the correct targets and in turn should be discarded. Reference targets are automatically detected and assigned to each other.

Desenvolvido e adaptado pelo professor Edson Alves edsomjr gmail. There are several types of 3D scanners varying according to their applications. It is a compact model, uses the principle of xbnt comparison, with high speed for small distances and minimum working times.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Some of the working groups are conentrating on field procedures to test scanners after transport and under working conditions. Scene provides you with an extensive series of easy-to-use functions at your disposal-simple measuring, 3D visualisation, meshing and bbr into various point cloud and CAD format.

In the first try from December up to January only panorama scanners were tested. These devices generate a cloud of points with coordinates in three dimensions. Heitor Medrado de Faria. All of them were oriented on a possible test 1071 up point. New laser tracker measurement in April was planned for December for 12 targets. This effect is a mechanical defect and comes from the construction of the same. In HDS, you must import the database file, choose the option to find the targets automatically.

Various patterns and films were tested between 1019.

Gallery — Universidade de Brasília (UnB)

From the first 6 targets we have oriented 4 directly to the scanner set up point. Preliminary results with a pre-trained AlexNet CNN show the need for developing new scene classes more suited to the Brazilian context. Firstly, a suitable position must be chosen to position the equipment, so that it can have a direct sight for all the targets. The adaption ensures a mechanical centering of targets and tracker prisms within an accuracy 0,5mm.

This targets were finally found. After several test of the cand. This is also know from total stations i. The software is extremely user-friendly and generates high-quality data with minimal manual effort — all you have to do is check the results at the end.

Other targets not found automatically must be marked manually. The first stage presents the concept nrb laser scanner, its operation and its applications, next is presented the models used in this work and their respective dedicated software. Once the coordinates of the targets are obtained, they are exported to a text file already separated in their respective axes x, y and z and coordinate number.


However, both models offer the option to use a web interface and HMI to configure and start work.

Scene processes and manages scanned data both highly efficiently and easily by using the new automatic object recognition, scan registration and positioning. These targets were arranged at different heights and distance on pillars of the building and at different angles relative to the position of the scanner. Checking of the excenticity of all 12 targets 2.

The anbt of the targets are automatically found, the others must be manually marked, it is also emphasized that the software marks the reflexes of the targets in the glasses and other points that it interprets as the target used, these points should be discarded.

Once Faro Scene has prepared the scan data, you can commence evaluation and further processing right away. A special adaptation for targets and laser tracker prisms were made. Log In Sign Up.

The next step is to acquire the coordinates of the targets. This work proposes to apply image classification to detect such organizations, through the use of Convolutional Neural Networks CNNnamely the AlexNet architecture. The tripod is set to hold the scanner in a horizontal abbnt and at such a height that the machine can see the targets without obstacles. To this moment, we applied classification to almost 15 thousand suppliers scenes with active contracts with the Brazilian Government until Septemberobtained through data matching between the Government Purchases database and the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office database more recent scenes should be added as this work progresses.

The images are obtained by address search in Anbt Street View API, and the resulting classification will be further used along with other features to detect front com- panies in order to help the auditors from the Ministry of Transparency and Office of the Comptroller General CGU, in Portuguese. Complete least square Gauss model for all sensor errors axis 3excentricity 3laser additional constant, tumble error of vert.

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