Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Residues) and Labeling – ABNT NBR ; and Envelope for Hazardous Waste Transportation – ABNT NBR ABNT NBR NM GB/T .. ABNT NBR ISO GB/T IS .. JIS B JMAS. ABNT NBR Waste Classification. – Class I: both characteristic & listed wastes. • Other ABNT Standards: , , ,

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These documents are also officially available at ABNT website. This page was last edited on 18 Februaryat The multiplexing and SI standard is very similar to Xbnt [2] equivalent keeping the data structure but with modified values for the parental control descriptor, genres and subgenres.

The multiplexing and SI standard is very similar to ARIB equivalent keeping the data structure but with modified values for the parental control descriptor, genres and subgenres. The document is divided in 3 separate parts that covers: The service information was specified under the preconditions of international compatibility in data structures, flexibility in accommodating various program configurations from different broadcasters, and extendibility with respect to future broadcast services.


The three volumes of the multiplexing and SI standards are described in detail in documents: This standard specifies the basic configuration of service information used in digital broadcasting, detailed data structures of this service information, and operational guidelines. Syntax and definition of SI extended information.

The multiplexing and SI requirements established for the Brazilian digital television standards make use of the same fundamental systems that also exist in the Japanese digital television standards as can be seen on ARIB STD-B Service information consists of signals that complement the transmission control signals and program specific information abtn defined in 75503 systems.

It is provided to convey multiplexed program data to a receiver and to simplify program selection. Audio and Video compression.

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The standard was written by telecommunications and television experts from many countries with their works coordinated by the SBTVD Forum and cover in detail all the aspects of video and audio coding that applies to SBTVD. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The specification is intended to allow a wide range of applications and to integrate detailed data structures and usage guidelines with the basic configuration. The customized descriptor values reflect Brazilian laws, policies and culture.


The multiplexed-signal formats PES packet, section format, TS packet, composition of the transmission control signal, composition of descriptors, composition of identifiers, and composition of related information are thoroughly listed.

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