Born Digital Records from the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Placement Bulletin files include advertisements for entry level and experienced. I am struck by how many schools are interested in some aspect of criminal law/ procedure and also in evidence. Health law is also in demand. Description and Holding Information. AALS, Placement Bulletin. An occasional publication of the American Association of Law Schools,, Wash., prep.& publ. by.

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Additionally, for most schools, hiring has become progressively more competitive, meaning schools attempt to conduct their searches very early in the calendar year. Applicants are limited to an online form that is subsequently condensed to one 8. You can use this space to provide information about why you want to teach the suggested courses, to highlight a publishing record or agenda, or to provide more information and context about your application.

Clinical positions may or may not be tenure track. The four distribution dates in are: Other tricky questions concern geographic preference. It is also a great opportunity bullerin distinguish yourself, because by this point, you are one of about three or four candidates, versus twenty to thirty in D. In previous decades, the AALS compiled hard copies of candidate FAR forms and distributed them to the member schools as a collective volume of resumes.

The spreadsheet is compiled by volunteers who sort dozens of anonymous submissions by candidates. This is a very difficult decision, and results in some arbitrary choices both from the perspective of the candidate, and from the perspective of the hiring committee. Therefore, it is non-uncommon to hear placemenr say that a VAP is now a prerequisite for a tenure track job.

Association of American Law Schools

Remember, at this point, the academic year has just started, committee members are juggling teaching, scholarly conferences, publications, and perhaps multiple faculty hiring lines. Registration for the hiring conference occurs in August, followed by interviews in Washington, D. It includes links to faculty, staff, and administrative announcements and is not restricted to teaching positions.


However, given the constraints on hiring committees, i. Off-year hiring is possible, meaning that it is possible to negotiate starting pplacement Summer for schools offering summer classesor to negotiate starting in Spring While this is technically not true, statistics suggest that teaching experience is increasingly an important hiring consideration for schools.

Elliott Ward – AALS Placement Bulletin, February

If an applicant omits this information from the FAR form, even if they have held a federal clerkship that is indicated on, say, their CV, their candidate profile will not register on the radar of the given search committee. With respect to number 2it is best to wait until after your D. How to Make the Leap. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In other words, a school may need someone to teach Business Organizations, or International Law, and the faculty will charge a committee with recruiting candidates who have similar interests.

Retrieved from ” https: Successful candidates are then invited to interview at the schools interested in hiring them. Information about how to join this association is on their website. This page was last edited on 27 Septemberat There are three important points regarding visiting assistant professor positions and the AALS meat market.

Its great rewards, however, when coupled with the limited number of positions available, means that positions can be difficult to get.

The biggest mistake that non-US candidates can make at this point is to think that they are in a somehow different boat than a traditional American candidate.

There is no logistical benefit to submitting a form prior to August 8, given that the hiring database becomes available to schools only on August 16, and not earlier.

It is distributed six times a year between September and April.


AALS also publishes the Placement Bulletin which lists available faculty and administrative positions, as well as positions related to legal education outside of law schools. AALS disseminates news and information about law schools’ innovations and acts as a voice for legal education to prospective law students, faculty, the media, and the public. Whether schools bulletih request hard copies, over the past years, there has been an increasing tendency to use electronic copies of forms.


Chances are you have a primary and secondary aala degree, possibly an LL. Law schools interested in new faculty review these forms and meet with candidates at the Faculty Recruitment Conference, held each November in Washington, DC.

Be prepared to explain why you have listed the courses you would want to teach and be willing to teach. The FAR registry will then generate a list of, say, candidates who have expressed an interest in teaching that particular course. All of the above, of course, assumes that you have an interest in some American subjects. Hiring committees routinely perform their initial searches by doing keyword searches of relevant FAR fields. AALS also jointly sponsors the Clinical Law Reviewa semi-annual, peer-edited journal devoted to issues of lawyering theory and clinical legal education.

The site has good resources for people interested in learning about graduate admissions. The website provides information about conferences, public policy issues, educations and career development and has a job bank.

This site recently published a salary survey for various positions within university administration and the salaries correlate to the level of education the person has when they apply for the job. Alas and alumni Employers.

AALS, Placement Bulletin

AALS periodically holds other meetings focused on professional development concerns. Home Akron Law Career Services. You have published, and have some legal practice experience.