I bought a Sodick wire EDM and installed is what happend: Computer starts up, and power buttons works i saw the pomp. We offer a huge range of Sodick & CNC repair services. GET IN CAN YOU REPLACE MY MONITOR ON MY EX 21 A SODICK MACHINE? YES, we. evening all,a couple of years back I got a a with mark 21 controller. well the controller is now toast and I was lucky to get a mark

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Originally Posted by Milacron. The machine came with a transformer for various voltage. Mine is certainly not Cutting Technology Surjit I am not really sure what it is your are asking, but if it is the software to run your control I don’t have it for a mark Thanks for your answer.

Very pleased with a comprehensive service which took place and everything was checked with some impartial advice given. Specialisation in servo amplifier testing and repair used throughout the EDM industry examples given below: Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. We think the issue has been resolved. No error messages also. Not sure what’s causing alarm, but the same thing happened to me before heat switch.

These … Read more. But i saw the pomp rotates the wrong direction, so I changed 2 wires.

BTW I looked at your website. Called up tech support from the Sodick web page. Originally Posted by graydog Efficient professional service, would use again.


We provide advanced repair services at low costs

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We provide advanced repair services at low costs. Did you by chance turn off the pumps by flipping the pump switch on the tank by accident?

Any help would be appreciated. After disconnnecting the plugs, many of the receptacles were found to sodicl a bit bent and their openings kind of large, leading us to think the connections were high resistance and intermittent.

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Much like you said. I saw in your pm that you did swap the servos and it stayed with x. The x-axis stopped working. So I made the machine ready for a test and then it happens: Is current getting across the green power switch when you push it on? Just a few minutes later I was underway again.

Checked the water pump overlaod switch, removed the sensor out of the watertank. That sodifk why I want to keep the costs at a minimum. The time now is Thank you again for the reply. He can be contacted through EDM Network. I have a good set of manuals arrive with this controller including a set of machine parameters happy to share and care please could you let me know if you have the floppy image disk or does anyone know where I can download them from?

Sodick A don’t power up.


Sodick Wire EDM

A MK 25 machine had a fault on it, constant short-circuit diagnosed on the telephone. Efficient fast and cost effective a genuine alternative. You could talk to Larry Wetmore in California What do I miss, is there a secret emergenty-stop, a hidden safety switch or something else that I don’t know about? SD — IQ solutions carried out preventative maintenance visits on all my equipment.

I have no experience with EMD and there no production planned yet. And he found a bad capacitor. Can you get all the way through the boot sequence to the homing screen? PCB Repairs PCB repairs our trained technicians will carry out sophisticated diagnostic and repair to identify the defective components on the PCB during this process we will also replace time critical components this significantly minimises the chance … Read more. Tags for this Thread controllermarksetsodicksodick a a mark For me, the machine is to learn.

Few minutes on hold they answered. I got around V at the main switch. The machine faults out with E at no predictable time. Found Larry’s emailI’ll give z320 a try. You may have an encoder that is going out so it is worth swapping them around since you will have the covers off already. I will be looking for a loose wire, but unfortunately, I’m searching blind.