“Ansiosamente aguardado pelos leitores brasileiros, volta às livrarias o célebre romance A montanha mágica, a grande obra-prima de Thomas Mann. A nova. Buy A Montanha Mágica (Portuguese Edition): Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews – “All the characters in Thomas Mann’s masterpiece come considerably closer to speaking English in John E. Woods’s version Woods captures perfectly the.

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The atmosphere of the novel, so rich in ambiguity and so full of ideas, may also awake some lingering sickness of soul, or maybe just make us a little dizzy. This article has multiple issues. He was a little exhausted by the end of his engineering course.

As thomsa Time were a lung in a chest opened for us to watch, on an x-ray machine perhaps, as it expands and contracts- we are aware that each expansion and contraction is montannha kind of counting down for the biological organism- but for the breather, what good would counting breaths do, but become another way of ticking out individuated moments moving us closer to the final great cataclysm?

It began as a much shorter narrative which revisited in a comic manner aspects of Death in Venicea novella that he was preparing for publication. View all 10 comments.

More aristocratic than life, too aristocratic for life, and that is the piety in his heart. And this ambiguity is summed up perfectly well in the person of our protagonist Hans himself, who dabbles in all things and commits to none, and who is constantly vacillating in his dilettante fashion.

The Magic Mountain

It is a broad term covering among the lightest and most volatile fractions of the liquid hydrocarbons in petroleum. As we arrive in the island, we see amongst the dark thin and tall trees a palace made out of ice.

While the dialogue is often essayistic in total length, it is not just fodder for a dry “novel of ideas”, it is a dramatic embodiment and reflection of a personal and philosophical tension between two vital people. View all 9 comments.

It tells the story of Hans Castorp, a young man without many qualities, who the author just does not want to call mediocre. Castorp, who planned to stay at the sanatorium for three weeks, does not leave the Berghof for seven years. It had also come to light that he really wasn’t there for his thpmas medical benefit.


Joachim dies at seven o’clock.

He intended to transfer to a comedic plane the fascination with death and triumph of ecstatic disorder over a life devoted to order, which he had explored in Death in Venice. Imagine hiking up mguca steep mountain. The outbreak of the First World War interrupted his work on the book. View all 6 comments. The night of its pubic monanha built a mystic triangle with the steaming pungent darkness of the armpits, just as the red epithelial mouth did with the eyes, or the red buds of the breast with the vertically elongated navel.

A Montanha Mágica

Now, if I time-traveled back to Boston that night the sun was just barely up, actually — early summer dawn comes around 4 am I’d change her mind about me and The Magic Mountain with enthusiastic description of how the book was boring at times, sure, totally intentionally boring at times, I’d say, but shit it’s most certainly not.

According to Mann, in the afterword that was later included in the English translation of his novel, this stay inspired his opening chapter “Arrival”.

It is not just Hans Castorp that grows throughout the novel. What is so arresting about all of these literary parallels is that Mann manages to evoke them in the context of story wherein—it must be admitted—almost nothing at all happens; at least, nothing out of the ordinary. Besides the deaths from fatal illness, two characters commit suicide, and finally Castorp goes off to fight in World War Iand it is implied that he will be killed on the battlefield.

I will re-read The Magic Mountain because I feel there is much to learn from it and that a second reading is not only desirable but also necessary to even begin to grasp it all.

The Magic Mountain – Wikipedia

I have the H. In the Berghof, time is experienced differently.

Except her sickly Moorish eunuch, She scorned the world of hetero men, And their rampant egomania, To pant hot and heavy in the bed of Frau Landauer, mntanha Jewess from Montanhx. So something like this: Was this review helpful to you? I love that he chose one rather impressionable but not overly impressive young man to be our un-heroic hero.


The lowlands of the Montanba coastlands are contrasted to an alpine resort famed for its health-giving properties. Tomorrow Is My Turn Read her well-argued review here The characters are employed as mere mouthpieces, never resembling well-drawn sketches of actual people with their own stories. To do so, they must leave the flatlands of Germany and elsewhere and reside “up here” in a rarefied, pure, idealized atmosphere and world.

A Montanha Mágica by Thomas Mann on Apple Books

Hans Castorp also waits, lingers, decides not to decide, dallies with whether it is better to be or not to be, listens to his attendant spirits, weighs skulls in the palm of his mgoca while time pulses around him on great heights.

Fantastical things occur to people when the time is out of joint. For my next dose of ideas, I thomass perhaps be knocking at Musil’s door. The characters also reflect on the problems of narration and time, about the correspondence between the length of a narrative and the duration of the events it describes.

Or would he have hung around till his own death, when his excuse for staying finally takes his life, and he is removed from reality in as quiet and unobtrusive a fashion as his ill comrades had been before him? The truth is, this book is very well written. His possible, or probable, demise upon the battlefield is portended. Patterning himself after the American gangster John Dillinger, a criminal is tracked by a inspector, a former childhood friend.