The AT89S52 is a low-power, high-performance CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 4K bytes of in-system programmable Flash memory. The device is manufactur. AT89C52 is an 8-bit microcontroller and belongs to Atmel’s family. AT89C52 has 8KB of Flash programmable and erasable read only memory ( PEROM). AT89C51 is an 8-bit microcontroller and belongs to Atmel’s family. ATMEL 89C51 has 4KB of Flash programmable and erasable read only memory.

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It can be erased and program to a maximum of times. Convert to Blogger by SimplexDesign. Microcontrooler oscillator is used to generate clock pulses, and clock pulse is used to provide the mean for timing calculation, which is mandatory to synchronise all the events.

LED Interfacing with Microcontroller (89S52) Tutorial with Circuit Diagram & Programming

This page was last edited on 16 Septemberat Most commonly used Crystal is quartz. Getting Started with Microcontroller. And set it to 1, if we are reading from LCD module. Before going into detail, we should microcontfoller some brief idea about microcontroller AT89S Agree with you harish kumar If you got the solution kindly share with us.

In this application, Port 0 outputs the low byte of the external memory address, time-multiplexed with the byte being microcontrlller or read.


We can consider each port as 8 bit register, from the software point of microcomtroller. I’ m compiling the program for AT89S52 microcontrller. Each consists of a latch Special Function Registers P0 through P3an output driver, and an input buffer.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This microcomputer – or microprocessor -related article is a stub. You must check this Tutorial: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

AT89C52 Microcontroller

These ports are also bit addressable and so their bits can also be accessed individually. Get Our Weekly Newsletter! I have used these Pins in above circuit. Those ports can microcobtroller used to output DATA and orders do other devices, or to read the state of a sensor, or a switch.

Yes, it should work. Circuit diagram for LCD interfacing with microcontroller is shown in the above figure. Except P 0 which needs external microcontrokler, rest of the ports have internal pull-ups.

Low-order address bits when interfacing with external memory. Port 2 outputs the high byte of the external memory address when the address is 16 bits wide. Get Our Weekly Newsletter!

Microcontroller AT89S52 Description – Telecommunication and Electronics Projects

Please tell Me if any microcontrolldr know Retrieved from ” https: We have connected a crystal oscillator of Quote and Order boards in minutes on https: We are not using any external memory so we connected Micgocontroller to Vcc. Reset pin; Active high. AT89C51 is an 8-bit microcontroller and belongs to Atmel’s family. Diagram below shows the pin configuration of the 89S52, where the function of each pin is written next to it, and, if it exists, the dual function is written between brackets.


Dual functionally like for interrupt, counters, timers etc.

Supply voltage; 5V up to 6. Contrast Setting, connected to Vcc thorough a variable resistor.

Generally this is set to 0, because we do not have need to read data from LCD. Here we are using unsigned int whose range is from 0 to This should be connected to Vcc when microcoontroller are not using the any external memory.

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Interface SD Card with Arduino. Log in or register to post Comment. Programming enable voltage; 12V during Flash programming. It has less complex feature than other microprocessor.