Vendel Vesten (7th Sea, Nations of Theah: Book Eight) [Les Simpson, Kevin P. Boerwinkle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nations of. Cris DorDILUT. Derick W. Gross. A Bley Ingram. Runes. Cris DormILIS. 7th Sea Created by. John Wick & Jennifer Wick and Kevin Wilson. D.J. Trindle. Rob Vaux. Nations of Théah: Vendel & Vesten (Book 8) – Two hundred years ago, the islands of Vestenmannavnjar were home to fierce warrior tribes.

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Each of these books expands the information found in the Gamesmaster’s book and adds several new abilities and schools for player characters. It is published in three parts.

Vestenmannavnjar I’m tinkering with the idea seq revising the Vesten to bring them closer to the 17th Century. History has forgotten which warrior struck the final blow, but each tribe still maintains it was theirs. Traditional Vestenmannavnjar still adhere to the old ways, wielding fierce magic in defense of their homes. It is the accepted currency of all Theah except in Vodacce, where they burn the money whenever possible.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sony PlayStation 4 PS4. The Vestenmannvanjar haven’t made a raid against these nations in centuries. Each country in ses world can be compared to a European kingdom but is an exaggerated representation. While the Objectionists here build a new heartland for academia and culture to counterbalance Castille, and the jarls nobles debate the succession, the Vendel League ascends in cultural power.


Slowly however, time moved on, 7gh the Jarl became increasingly overpowered by the armies of the south and the trade began to bring in all that the Jarl could not.

These vesteen can be o any design but can only be crafted by Vestenmannavnjar Laerdom mages.

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Archived from the original on It would mean breaking it into at least three countries not unlike the Glamour Isles. New rules for Vendel and Vestenmannavnjar Heroes: The second edition introduced another nation, the Sarmatian Commonwealth Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth. They told tales of honor and bloody conquest, and did deeds so great their names would not be forgotten that their souls might live on after death.

Des Plaines, Illinois, United States. The first three releases were pure d20 books to bring d20 players up to speed.

7th Sea RPG Vendel Vesten Nations of Theah Book Eight AEG 7207 RPG Sourcebook

Retrieved from ” http: Boerwinkle and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books. The game was fairly well received. Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Strong because of the Carl and the Guilder.


Their warriors, no longer able to fight amongst each other under the new order, chose to travel from where the Great Wyrm had come, hoping to find another such beast and slay it.

AEG will still retain limited rights to publish undisclosed products. The veesten always have a name, per the Vestenmannavnjar way. The old ways were how they lived for years, but they were scene as backwards, savage and primitive.


These blue books are still designed for the Roll and Keep system but don’t follow any form of series like the others. The setting also inspired a collectible card game. A lengthy history of the country, including the legendary heroes of its past. The moment was enough however and the warriors were able to slay the beast. From what was once a savage, wild land now stands the most powerful economic power in the world. Slowly, the warriors were driven mad by their power, though each resisted as long as they could.