A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, ( kramasampurna) and has the same notes in the Avarohanam, as its descent. 72 MELAKARTA RAGAS PDF – A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, (kramasampurna) and has the. Start studying 72 melakarta ragas. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Neetimati the 60th Melakarta.

The 72 Melakarta ragas with the notes they take and the chakras they fall in are given below with links adapted from Wikipedia. Melakartaa was done by placing successively swaras of higher frequency from one melakarta to the next. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This gallery shows the SVG format images.

72 Melakarta Ragas – Kalpakkam Sangeetha Sabha

R1 and Melaakrta 4 th and 10 th chakra: Indian classical music portal. Dhavalambari raagas 49th Melakarta. Gamanashrama the 53rd Melakarta. Rasikapriya the mellakarta Melakarta. Antipodal melakarta ragas the two melas with maximum differences, with swaras being opposite, excepting Sa and Pa being common can be found in opposite triangles in the two opposing squares. Venkatamakhi, a gifted musicologist of the century is credited to have put all the sampoorna ragas, which are the main 72 parent ragas in a logical order.


The name of each of the 12 chakras suggest their ordinal number as well. A Melakarta raga has seven distinct notes in its Arohanam, ascending in pitch, kramasampurna and has the same notes in the Avarohanam, as its descent.

To repeat again, the melakarta ragas 1 through 36 take shudda madhyama M1 and the melakarta ragas 37 through 72 have prati madhyama M2. Views Read Edit View history. Dhenuka the 9th Melakarta.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

This page melkaarta last edited on 27 Decemberat Madhavi April 28, at 9: The first half consists of 36 melakarta ragas with shudda madhayama M1 and the second half contains the other melakarta ragas with melaakrta madhyama M2.

Ratnangi the 2nd Melakarta. Sa and Pa are fixed. Indian classical music portal. Click the link below to share our interesting site with your friends and family. Recommend Our site Spread the word. Kokilapriya the 11th Melakarta. It is easy to see that R and G tagas also give six variations, thus each of this can generate 6 ragas due to D,N variations, therefore there will arise in all: Natabhairavi the 20th Melakarta. Kanakangi S R1 G1. Shadvidamargini the 46th Melakarta. In these images C is used as Shadjam for simplicity sake only.

Thus the seven swaras are expanded to 12 notes.

For example, Harikambhoji raga starts with syllables Ha and riwhich have numbers 8 and 2 associated with them. Shri Koteeswara Iyer has composed songs in all the 72 Melakartha ragas, in Tamil. Harikambhoji the 28th Melakarta.


Chakravakam the 16th Melakarta. Gangeyabhooshani the 33rd Melakarta.

The ragas within the chakra differ only in the dhaivatham and nishadham notes D and Nas illustrated below.

All melakarta ragas in the outermost rows horizontal – Ri-Ga and column vertical -Da-Ni give rise to the 40 vivadi melakarta ragas apparently disonant scales. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Govindhacharya mela,arta credited mealkarta the standardization of rules and known for giving different names for standard ragas that have a different structure but the same swaras as those proposed by Venkatamakhi.

Asampurna Melakarta

Vakulabharanam the 14th Melakarta. Bhavapriya the 44th Melakarta.

He is considered the father of mela system of ragas. Nasikabhooshani the 70th Melakarta. Kamavardini the 51st Melakarta. In the Asampurna Melakarta system, there is no set rule for the ragas in contrast to the currently used system of Melakarta ragas. Dhatuvardani the 69th Melakarta.