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These stainless steel access interlocks provide a rugged, industrial grade method of helping prevent access through gates.

They are actuated by 4440t a lever or a rod that is connected to chain. These units cater to more complex operating sequences. Features include locked open or locked closed options. Once the power has been turned off, the key can be withdrawn and used in the next sequence of operation such as unlocking an access hatch or allowing valves to be operated.

Trapped Key Interlock Switches

The rotary switch can be mounted in a panel or purchased in an enclosure. When the actuator is inserted into the interlock guard closedthe trapped key can be rotated and removed.


With the key free, the actuator cannot be removed. This locks the guard door. Slamlock Interlock Switches are available in mechanical, electrical, and solenoid versions. The trapped key can be removed once an external signal is given to its internal solenoid locking mechanism. An indicator light on the solenoid release unit shows when the trapped key can be removed—that is, when power is applied to the solenoid.

PLC Hardware: Allen Bradley T-MRPSEA Rotary Switch, 2NO 2NC, 20A

The solenoid signal only needs to be present 4440t key removal is necessary. The SMU uses inductive proximity sensors to detect motion and the CU2 control unit to monitor the sensors. Our Trapped Key Switchgear Adaptor is used to interlock preparatory switch gear applications or other host equipment such as spool valves. Power is isolated and locked off when the key is rotated and removed.


The key can then be used in the next sequence of operation. Turning a non-removable key initiates the mrpse110q. When the EMD times out, its output energizes an internal solenoid which then allows the removal of either one or two trapped keys.


These stainless steel bolt interlocks provide a rugged, industrial grade method of helping prevent access through gates.

Rotary Trapped Key Interlock Switches

With these bolt interlocks, there is no need to run power wires to the gate. These bolt interlocks are available in mechanical, electrical and solenoid switch mfpse110a. Our extensive product portfolio is designed to improve your processes through every stage of your manufacturing cycle – from design and installation through operation and maintenance. User Manuals Wiring Diagrams.

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