Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell returns to familiar fixations in 4 Blondes – getting laid and getting rich. Blonde AmbitionCandace Bushnell created a sensation with her first book, Sex and the City, spawning an HBO series that has become a. Have a cocktail and read Candace Bushnell.” —Karen Karbo, The Oregonian ” Four Blondes is a punchy cluster of stories about sex, looks, money, more sex.

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After absolutely hating Sex and the City, I was quite sceptic about this novel. Trust me, the book will bring out a feminist in you that you didn’t know existed until after scanning through this monstrosity.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. First, you need treat Four Blondes as an independent book and not a byproduct of a writer of a hit TV series. dandace

When he makes the deadline, he’s scared his editor or editors-there are always faceless editors lurking around in dark little offices at magazineswon’t like the piece. And now we have a real dilemma: I also did not like how Honestly Janey Wilcox, for example, is blndes former model who bushnelk summer chooses a house in the Hamptons–or, rather, candzce up a wealthy man with a pricey rental. And that said, it’s probably only entertaining to readers who recognize that “it’s funny because it’s true” – even without being in the social circles of people like these characters, you would need to realize that they exist.

Maybe, I’m not rich or posh enough to relate to this book. Regardless, this one just did not work. View all 6 comments. And that’s not so bad.

I must add that these stories do describe vulgar acts in vulgar language, but everything Bushnell writes is necessary. The four women in the stories were all blond.

Well as it turns out, she can. If you must respect the protagonist in order to enjoy a book, then don’t pick up this one. If people do talk bolndes it and they don’t always, in which case he’s scared that he’s not a great journalisthe’s scared that he won’t be able to pull it off again. It might have been a good book.


Perhaps it deserves some kind of recognition at the very least for the entertai And now we have a real dilemma: I’m glad there was that point of clarity sticking through at the end, though. She gets the big ring vushnell the big house and the adorable children, and she lives happily ever after. This book seemed up to a good start, but by the time I finished it, I already felt rather tired of it.

The protagonists of these stories are connected not only by their blonde hair but also by their isolation and desire for change. However, i happened to be reading Ibsen’s A Doll’s House candaxe the same time and blonddes made a fascinating comparative study re: Sex and the City was and still is such a massive hit that audiences use it as the totem pole to measure everything that Candace Bushnell writes.

Beautiful women are self-indulgent. Four Blondes cha “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.

4 Blondes Book Summary and Study Guide

You have to be pretty damaged to be so detached, so divorced from yourself and whoever you used to be candade you are actually okay with meaningless sex and getting paid for it. Alice I saw your youtube review of these as well. In this world, however, that simply means that the coke-fuelled movie premieres are getting boring.

I’m going to include some quotes now just to illustrate the strangeness and awkwardness of the story, bushnwll also to bring to light some of the stereotyping and weight shaming. She doesn’t mince words; physically unpleasant elements of sexual experience are dealt with in the same deadpan, knowing tone as emotions and career ambition, but the end note is optimistic, suggesting that a successful marriage is possible, but only if its limitations are accepted, bpondes it is not expected to fulfil every desire.

Four Blondes by Candace Bushnell

So their relationship frailly goes on existing because neither one of them knows how to properly communicate with one another and it’s just really sad. When he gets another assignment he always does, but it doesn’t make any differencehe’s scared he won’t make the deadline.


If the Sex and the City book is blonfes like this, it amazes me both that it was published AND that it was made into one of the most well-known television series of all time.

Believing that relationships between the sexes are more relaxed here, she proceeds to reinforce all the textbook transatlantic stereotypes, under the pretext of exploding them.

But for all her theoretical savoir-faire, Janey is aware that blondez is running out. Candice actually created brand new characters that felt very much alike. Even after all this time I read this one a long time agoI still can remember clearly all the charac After absolutely hating Sex and the City, I was quite sceptic about this novel.

Jul 23, Marta rated it did not like it Shelves: There are many more novels out there that can give you simple enjoyment, but without being trashy. Juan-banjo Jan 16, Bushnell does this to show that everyone, both in her stories and in the real wold, is connected in some way.

4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell | : Books

In this book, Janey tries to convince herself that she doesn’t need a guy to live the life she wants a glamorous one, with a house in the Hamptons in the summer and she almost convinces herself that she is independent because she’s going places, writing a script for cnadace douche bag who pays for a summer house for her.

But she won’t let herself go. These stories could in fact be re The protagonists of these stories are connected not only by their blonde hair but also by their isolation and desire for change.

A character should be someone we are interested in, whether we care about them or hate them, we WANT to know what will happen to them.