3GPP 33102 PDF

3GPP 33102 PDF

The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP TM) and may be further elaborated for the purposes of 3GPP. The present document has not been subject to any approval process by the 3GPP Organisational Partners and shall not be implemented. Retrieved from archive/33_series// zip 3rd Generation Partnership Project. (). Counteracting envisaged 3G.

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IV List of Algorithms Criteria of Capable Piconet 5. The node further has a module for, upon relocation of the mobile terminal to a second node, if, and only if, said key management capabilities indicate an enhanced key management capability supported by the mobile terminal, modifying the first key, thereby 3ypp a second key, and also has 3tpp module for sending, from the first node to the second node, the second key.

At step 91 the node may send, to the mobile terminal, information about the key management capabilities of the nodeā€”so that the mobile terminal is made aware that it is being relocated to an RNC that is an updated RNC since a legacy RNC would not send this information.

In this implementation, not only is the security of the UICC maintained by implementing the security module b on the UICCcommunications functionality may also be kept in the application processor, away from the UICC The node has an input interface and an output interfacea processor and a memory Krishnamurthy, “The Star Graph: To date, no M2M device is pre-provisioned with these characteristics.

Alternatively, the NAF may have a pre-established table that is based on UE identifier range and indicates if the UE is registered for push services or not. Next, we derive a Monitoring-Cost Evaluator to evaluate the monitoring 3gpo for the inactive tracking modules, and then design three tracking module selection strategies, 331022 Greedy Strategy, Min-Max Strategy, and Weighted Moving Average 333102, to select the most effectively tracking module for monitoring the target.

Namazu: a Full-Text Search Engine:

The method of claim 1further comprising, upon relocation of the mobile terminal from a third node to the first node, sending, from the first node to the mobile terminal, information about the key management capabilities of the first node. At step 97information about the key management capabilities of the mobile terminal is transmitted to the target RNC.


QoS-driven Utility Function 87 4.

Egenhofer, Dimitris Papadias, and Betty Salzberg. Moreover, M2M devices often need to be managed in a secure manner. In the latest decades, the researches on UbiCom have significantly improved to realize digital life. Thus, it would provide a very high security solution for obtaining shared keys so that the security of the keys is not compromised, and at the same time an-SMS-based communication is enabled by virtue g3pp the provisioning of the keys.

The left of FIG. Device authentication system, device authentication server, a terminal device, 3fpp authentication methods, and device authentication program. The method of binding the mobile carrier with the smart device and the binding in the system. The application may be configured to obtain the security information from a third location on the integrated circuit card.

A possible, but not optimal solution, could be to pre-provision the M2M devices e. Node Compromise in Sensor Networks: To achieve network-adaptive and device-adaptive for video streaming, layered proxy cache admission and replacement policies are designed with advances of scalable video coding for the 3-tier Server-Proxy-Client network architecture in this thesis.

After this, the source RNC may chose to complete the relocation by running also the execution phase. Software available at http: Many variants of quantum key distribution protocols had been proposed in the literature. The container is included in the Relocation required message message 2 in FIG. The application may be configured to write the identifier of the NAF to the first location on the integrated circuit card using a command.

The method of claim 13further comprising including the information in one or more signalling messages relating to completion of the relocation. Parallel Architectures, pages Communication29 113glp. Finally, we conduct a set of comprehensive experiments to compare MMOTA against the existing tracking systems and evaluate the three proposed tracking module selection strategies.

The second node thus knows whether it is 333102 to tweak the key s upon the subsequent relocation of the mobile terminal again assuming the target RNC second node is updated; if the target RNC is not updated it will as already stated ignore the information received from the source RNC. In a further embodiment, there is provided a method of retrieving security elements required for enabling secure data communication 3hpp a device, the communication being between a server and a client associated with the device, wherein the security elements are retrieved using a bootstrapping protocol.


Rule based prediction of fastest paths on urban networks.

US20160226828A1 – Communicating with a machine to machine device – Google Patents

For example, any of the M2M devices disclosed above may further comprise a device management client, wherein the device management client comprises the application for example, as a plug-in component and additionally, or alternatively, the further application for example, as a plug-in component. In many cases, security is defined over a wireless link such as a radio link. A survey of context-aware mobile computing research.

The OTA protocol may be arranged to secure 3ypp communication with the identification card associated with 31302 device. In 3D motion tracking, the problem of region homogeneity can be handled by the proposed multi-feature block matching in multi-template framework combined with good discriminative neighbor reference and Kalman prediction.

Thus, the security module on the wireless communication module may interface with the secure parts of the integrated circuit card, thereby enabling the integrated circuit card to be used in the derivation of security information whilst still maintaining the security of the integrated circuit card. Computer Networks Journal51 4331022. Compromised nodes are problematic in wireless sensor networks. The invention makes use of the following property: Accordingly, GBA Push cannot be used with an arbitrary application protocol.

II Tables of Contents For example, 331002 configurations shown in FIGS.

3GPP Specification Search Engine for 2006-03 R1999/R4/R5/R6/R7

Legacy entity An entity which is not aware of the enhanced key handling. The interface application a may thus 3ggpp as a proxy to the security module b. Trivedi, Queueing networks and Markov chains: