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Raising the vehicle higher than necessary can make the vehicle less stable.

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Self-sealing Tires – If Equipped Improper alignment will not cause vehicle vibration. Once the system receives the updated tire pressures, the system will automatically update, the graphic display in the EVIC will stop flash- ing, and the Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Light will Adjusting a seat while the vehicle is moving is dangerous.

Used oil and oil filters, indiscriminately discarded, can present a problem to the environment.

Adjust the restraint so that the upper edge is as high as practical. Many radio stations do not currently broadcast Music Type information. Confirmed leaks should be repaired as soon as possible. Raise the vehicle just enough to remove the flat tire and install the spare tire.

Page 35 There are single window controls on each passenger door trim panel, which operate the passenger door windows. Always apply parking brake fully when parked to guard against vehicle movement and possible injury or damage. These, and all other maintenance services included in this manual, should be done to provide best vehicle performance and reliability.


For vehicles equipped with wheel covers, perform Steps 2 and 3. Air Conditioner Maintenance Air Conditioner Maintenance For best possible performance, your air conditioner should be checked and serviced by an Authorized Dealer at the start of each warm season.

The available selections for each of the above entries varies depending upon the disc. If the door lock plunger is down when you shut the door, the door will lock.

The cap should be inspected and cleaned if there is any accumulation of foreign material on the sealing surfaces. To Arm the System: Remove two fasteners from the back of the tail light assembly. You or others could be badly burned by steam or boiling coolant.

Mount the road tire on the axle. It is located in the instrument cluster below the speedometer. Persons who are unable to feel pain to the skin because of advanced age, chronic illness, diabetes, spinal cord injury, medication, alcohol use, exhaus- tion, or other physical condition must exercise care when using the seat heater.

Leaded gasoline will destroy the effectiveness of the catalyst as an emission control device.

My Dodge: Dodge Owners Service Manuals – Dodge Cars, Minivans, SUVs

After disengaging the child protection door lock system, always test the door from the inside to make certain it is in the desired position. This will cause the headlights to turn on at high beam and remain on until the lever is released.

Vehicles with Compact Spare 1. Never drive through standing water that is deeper than the bottom of the tire rims mounted on the chqrger.


Dodge Charger Owner Manual –

A hot engine cooling system is dangerous. You can shift dodte or out of the Autostick mode at any time without taking your foot off the accelerator pedal. The MIL will flash for about 10 seconds and then return to being fully illuminated until you turn off the ignition key or start the engine.

Push and fully depress the button above the webbing to release the anchorage, and then move it up or down to the position that serves you best. Drive belt chrager should also be checked at this time.

Page Audio Language — If Equipped Selecting this item will allow the user to choose a default audio language effective only if language supported by disc.

Dodge Charger Manuals

Page Parking Brake The brake light in the instrument cluster will turn on when the parking brake is applied and the ignition switch is on. In addition, the graphic in the EVIC will still display a flashing pressure value. Compact Spare Tire The compact spare tire is for ownere emergency use with radial tires. Do not touch the new bulb with your fingers. Audio Language — If Equipped Selecting this item will allow the user to choose a default audio language effective only if language supported chargfr disc.