The largest glossary of Hybrid Rudiments online featuring over Rudiments from session drummer / teacher Lewis Partridge. Hybrid Rudiment Book. Some of the more contemporary DCI geared drummers have probably already seen it. There is some crazy stuff in. A good ‘social’ list is is the hybrid rudiments book .pdf file) originally posted on this thread of : from Egg Beaters to.

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The multiple versions of the same thing grow tiresome as well. Shirley Murphy by Mike Huestis. I actually think he’s younger than me. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You can find these online with the provided links below and also look for my Lesson Of The Week where you will find my Hybrid Rudiment Breakdown series.

Stick Control – For the Snare Drummer. Here are the rudiments, featured in standardized lists such as the 40 PAS Rudiments etc, that are technically considered to be Hybrid Rudiments: Check out this cool griding thing. This list of hybrid rudiments is superb. For example, the Flam Paradiddle is technically a Hybrid Rudiment even though it is included in standardized lists such as the 40 PAS Rudiments etc as it combines a Flam with a Paradiddle.


Rudimental Drumming :: View topic – Hybrid Rudiments

Flammed by Mike Huestis. How many Drum Rudiments do you know? Horsey by Bill Bachman.

If you know of any Hybrid Rudiments that are not listed in this glossary or notice any errors or duplicates in my pages, please contact me and help me to keep this educational resource complete gudiments up to date.

Welcome to Vic Firth. In order to help you in learning and perfecting these rudiments, I have included easy to read examples, performance tips, free PDF sheet ruddiments and video tutorials.

Drag Paradiddle 1 – A Paradiddle combined with a Drag. What should I do to continue to improve my knowledge of the rudiments? You should have a decent understanding of standard rudiments to be able to execute most of these hybrids. Does anyone rudimebts the sticking for number 37? A member of The Cloud9 Mission Network.

Here are the Hybrid Snare Drum Rudiments: After we had a number of tricks under our belt it became easier to execute more advanced tricks. If you do a kick flip then you apply another technique with your feet accompanied by the ollie.

Choo-choo by Zach Schlicher. Hybrid Rudiment yybrid Shirley Murphy Breakdown. I actually know the guy that made that. Inverted Inverted Cheese by Roger Carter.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. My hands have become better through learning how to adjust stick heights, fulcrum pressure, and bounce control. I know many drummers who have never heard of Hybrid Rudiments and I feel it’s time we changed hybris. As there are an infinite number of ways to produce new patterns and add variations to those patterns, there is no end to the number of possible hybrid combinations.


Cheese by Tom Aungst.

Sign up using Facebook. Rudiments are usually named after their hybrix. Book Reports by Jeff Queen. Cheese Chutra Cheese by Jim Yakas. Number 37 is a paradiddle.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Drum Solo April Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I have nothing but great things to say about Hybrid Rudiments and I hope that this post inspires drrum to take that step forward to learning a few hybrids to see where it can take your playing.

Waltdiddles by Nick Angelis.

Karmin – Brokenhearted Drum Cover.