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E, da, samo da podsjetim da sto sam napisao, da mi poslije ne bi rekao “Ne, nisi to napisao! Those precepts which in your opinion are only the means and not the object would then have been unnecessary.

And come and stand before me in this house” ibid. For this reason it is distinctly added,” in the day that I brought them out from the land of Egypt.

The sense of the passage agrees with what I explained to you. You, however, have ignored this object, and taken hold of that which is only the sato of obtaining it; you have doubted my existence,” ye have denied the Lord, and said he is not” Jer.

I am God, even thy God.

It is also for this reason that He distinctly stated the commandments and the prohibitions, the reward and the punishment. You must not see any difficulty in the Passover which was commanded in Egypt; there was a particular and evident reason for that, as will be explained by me chap. Powered by vBulletin Version 3. Evo mene i jope Zrtvovanje se odvijalo samo u hramu knjiba vise. He selected priests for the service in the temple; comp.


Nisam bas strucnjak za zidovstvo ali citajuci “Practical Judaism” od Rabbi Israel Meir Lau san nasao da je kip u stvari obavezan samo pri molitvi, nosenje kipa svakodnevno je postalo obicaj radi opstojnosti Zidova i zidovstva i otpora asimiliciji.

How can we suppose that Divine commandments, prohibitions, and important acts, which are fully explained, and for which certain seasons are fixed, should not have been commanded for their own sake, but only for the sake of some other thing: It was the result of God’s wisdom that the Israelites were led about in the wilderness till they acquired courage. Because of this principle which I explained to you, the Prophets in their books are frequently found to rebuke their fellow-men for being over-zealous and exerting themselves too much in bringing sacrifices: But prayer and supplication can be offered everywhere and by every person.

I will knijga reprove thee for thy sacrifices or thy burnt-offerings, they have been continually before me. Uglvnom, recimo, Rambam pise, u “Vodicu za zabludjele”, da je sato zapravo samo ustupak da bi se potpuno izbacilo iz upotrebe”.

For it is a well-known fact that travelling in the wilderness, and privation of bodily enjoyments, such as bathing, produce courage, whilst the reverse is the source of faint-heartedness: Besides it was revealed in the land of Egypt; whilst the laws zasro which Jeremiah alludes in the above passage are those which were revealed after the departure from Egypt.

Primjenjivo i na Izrael Consider it well, and reflect on it.

Land of 1000 Dances

But this thing commanded I them, saying, Obey my, voice, and I will be your God, and ye shall be my people” Jer. The chief object of the Law, as has been shown by us, is the teaching of truths; to which the truth of the creatio ex nihilo belongs. Da li ju je danas i u vjerskom smislu obavezno nositi? Stranica 13 od We were not commanded to sacrifice in every place, and in every time, or to build a temple in every place, or to permit any one who desires to become priest and to sacrifice.


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What prevented Him from making His primary object a direct commandment to us, and to give us the capacity of obeying it? A sto se tice molitve, kao primarne There occurs in the Law a passage which contains exactly the same idea; it is the following: Procitah ovo pa mi nije jasno.

You ask, What could have prevented God from commanding us directly, that which is the chief object, and from giving us the capacity of obeying it?

I know that you will at first thought reject this idea and find it strange: Recimo bila bi demokracija. Now God 1000 Moses to make [the Israelites] a kingdom of priests and a holy nation Exod. Rambam u “Komentarima na Mishnu Toru” itekako pise da “ce u Trecem Hramu biti zrtve” te ulazi u detalje kako ce se one obavljati

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