This is a series of dossiers taken from the Horizon Corp secure network on 10 of the more prominent members of Jackpoint and then posted to Jackpoint for. Fastjack downloaded the files on ten of our own that have full profiles. Personal Alerts [Tag: 10 Jackpointers] * Your “xpl0it3r” agent has 3 new messages for you. on ten of our own that have full profiles. [Tag: 10 Jackpointers]. Incoming. * Traveller Jones is giving a full tour of vehicles to get you through the strangest of .

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Would you want to go into a place where the resident had jackpointere drum-fed shotgun and can see in the dark? I’ll have to ask around for our folks who work remotely.

So if you add a few to each location sourcebook, you won’t need a PDF that doesn’t sell. Would be nice to have something like that to see what the gang has been up too. They all Meant Things, but were big high muckety-muck stuff.

Add tags Tags separate by space: I haven’t finished reading it. Are we likely to see more books like this, featuring JackPointers exclusively? Drop me a line later, we’ll chat.


Isn’t he the original Echo Mirage team leader? Or did everyone decide that was Damien Knight Angelone Ace Runner Posts: We also have a preview of the Table of Contents for 10 Jackpointers.

Yes, the statement of “if we stat it they will kill it” came up, but ultimately, we didn’t want to limit the writers in the future.

And for what it’s worth, I thought Lyran was a male shapeshifter. I’m up in the Everett area.

Exploding Dice Die may ‘explode’ into a second roll. This is a series of dossiers taken from the Horizon Corp secure network on 10 of the more prominent members of Jackpoint and then posted to Jackpoint for review. Method– Yeah, I forgot to fix it.

The tools of your trade are airfoil grenades, form-fitting body armor, and an Ares Crusader machine pistol.


When the book for Hog Kong comes out forexample, they shuld have a few pages dedicated to Jackpointers and Street Legends that make Hong Kong their home or at least their main base of operations. An expansion for Shadowrun, the Street Samurai Catalog will let you outfit yourself with the latest equipment available on the black market: Hey has there been any scuttlebutt about a new 10 Jackpointers or Street Legends?


As soon as you define him, he loses some of his power so to speak. Please select a support frequency. This page does not exist. For the record, the devs and freelancers went to the mat over the “stats or no stats” debate.

But I might want to suddenly drop Lyran into the game as a contact or Riser as a nemesis. If i had one little complaint it would be that there are no stat blocks for these guys. In the very early process of drafting Kay St.

You may now commence kvetching about how we didn’t do your favorite shadowtalker. Can’t confirm or deny, but if such a product s appeal to you, let the powers that be know.

Dumpshock Forums > New PDFs: 10 Jackpointers, Street Samurai Catalog, Fields of Fire

Learn More I supported because… “this community is the very best! I worry that the devs aren’t running Shadowrun anymore and have forgotten that it’s more than just a setting, it’s a game. No one ever believes me. Help – Search – Members – Calendar.